Carel Jonckheere | Digital Railway Project Director

Carel Jonckheere, Digital Railway Project Director, Infrabel


Rail Live 2019 - Day 2 @ 15:00

How Infrabel is maximising the availability of data and using BIM for seamless workflow with stakeholders

  • The challenges of tracking projects through their entire journey.
  • Using BIM to join project design with development.
  • Tracking data through a variety of stakeholders for smooth handover and project management

Rail Live 2019 - Day 3 @ 12:50

PANEL: How can infrastructure managers use digital technology and innovation to combat the rise and rise of capacity demands?

  • Digital technology is revolutionising infrastructure management but is it sophisticated enough to deal with the rising demand for capacity?
  • Is there a “silver-bullet” that will make the difference?
  • How can we ensure that technology is being trialled and implemented fast enough in an extremely restricted safety environment?
  • Is there a way to make rail more agile as an industry?
last published: 18/Jan/19 16:35 GMT

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