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Intelligent Tracks Stream




Dirk Rompf

Prof. Dr. Dirk Rompf Managing Director Network Planning and Major Projects, DB Netze 

Carel Jonckeere

Carel Jonckheere , Digital Railway Project Director, Infrabel 

Ezim Rozenberg

Efim Rozenberg , First Deputy Director, NIIAS Russian Railways

Pier Eringa

Pier Eringa , CEO, ProRail


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Infrastructure and Track, Wednesday 18 April 2018


Antonio Berrios
Infrastructure and Track

Creating predictive maintenance in railways with innovative technologies

  • How ADIF are maintaining hundreds of kilometres of track with digital technology
  • Feeding new, innovative data inputs to create high-precision maintenance schedules
  • Taking track maintenance to the next level
Javier Lopez
Infrastructure and Track

How an antivibration system with adjustable rigidity helps operators to resolve noise and vibration problems?

  • How buildings can have several natural frequencies and theimpact this has on solutions
  • The complexity of vibration studies and why this requires flexible systems to face the solutions
  •  Our vision:  how high anti vibratory power systems in surface provide better maintenance without affecting infrastructure in the future.

Dirk Rompf
Infrastructure and Track

Digital Construction in Rail Infrastructure - the DB Appraoch

  • Acceleration of Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects
  • Digitalization in Planning and Construction
  • Collaborative Project Completion​

Networking Lunch

Pier Eringa
Infrastructure and Track

Innovative and Competitive Rail

  • How ProRail have leveraged technology to improve infrastructure in Holland
  • The importance of innovation in today’s competitive rail industry.
  • Lessons learnt: looking forward to a digital future
Christoph Borlinghaus
Infrastructure and Track

Hear our experience of implementing pantograph monitoring on Italy’s high-speed line

  • Sharing the technology behind the pantograph monitoring system operation
  • Hear why pantograph monitoring is an important innovation and how it creates impact on day to day rail operation
  • Outlining the performance and results of the project: what are the key benefits to the Italian high-speed line
Carel Jonckheere
Infrastructure and Track

Belgium’s embrace of IoT – laying the track of the future

  • How Infrabel is digitising the infrastructure maintenance activities to transition to Smart Assets
  • How a connected ‘Intranet of things’ combined with measuring trains are impacting the current way of working
  • Learn about the journey to create the real added value of the SAP EAM backbone


Efim Rozenberg
Infrastructure and Track

Building Russian Railways’ digital strategy: modernising a mega-network

  • How Russian Railways have used technological innovation to implement predictive maintenance across a 75,000 km network.
  • Building the IT architecture needed to facilitate the digital transformation of Russian Railway’s (ISUZHT)
  • Lessons learnt and the future of Russian Railway’s infrastructure
Victor Perez
Infrastructure and Track

How maintenance schedules can radically change through the use of rigid catenaries

Rolf Härdi
Infrastructure and Track

The future of the Digital Railway in Germany and beyond

  • How to ensure a coherent approach to digital projects at DB
  • Ensuring the culture of innovation and technology matches the attitude of employers
  • Creating a joint diagnostics program to facilitate intelligent infrastructure management
  • The importance of an open data platform for Europe’s rail industry
last published: 16/Apr/18 12:45



Infrastructure and Track, Thursday 19 April 2018


Tim Flower
Infrastructure and Track

Network Rail’s condition-based maintenance program

  • Aligning stakeholders to make CBM possible
  • Leveraging analytics to increase efficiency within CBM
  • How Network Rail is integrating its maintenance systems
Anja-Maria Sonntag
Infrastructure and Track

How SBB Cargo are leveraging IoT and Automation to prepare for the cargo industry of the future

  • SBB Cargo’s intelligent approach to digitalisation. How we planned for the future.
  • Using IoT technology to deliver an improved service through precision train tracking and enhanced passenger information
  • Future insight: How to continue transforming freight
Paolo Carbone
Infrastructure and Track

Dublin Metro project

  • The story of Dublin Metro and our next steps following approval
  • What ae the key challenges facing TII when constructing this line?
  • Lessons learnt from a tricky process


Chris Sexton
Infrastructure and Track

Crossrail: how the London megaproject became a success story

  • How Crossrail delivered Europe's largest infrastructure project on time and within budget
  • What are the key lessons learnt from the construction of Crossrail an how can we apply them elsewhere in the world
  • Crossrail 2: the next line for London.

Kaspars Rokens
Infrastructure and Track

Rail Baltica: the challenges of introducing innovative solutions”

  • Preparing the Baltics high-speed network for the future of European transport
  • Leveraging technological excellence to deliver outstanding reliability
  • How the Baltics will advance with train technology in the coming years.
last published: 16/Apr/18 12:45

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Festival of Biologics

18-19 April 2018, Bilbao

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