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Stephane Caller

Stephane Callet  , Signalling project Director,  SNCF


Juliette Marais

Juliette Marais  , Head of GNSS Rail Research,   IFFSTAR


Christian Schlehuber

Christian Schlehuber  , Team Leader Cyber Security,  DB Netze      


Henok Bogale

Jan Schneider-Tilli  , Project Director,  Banedanmark


Telecommunications & Train Control, Wednesday 18 April 2018


Juliette Marais
Telecommunications & Train Control

Developing GNSS for the rail industry

  • Industry update: the state of GNSS-based solutions and projects for rail
  • Understanding the implications of GNSS for the rail industry: optimising operations and reducing costs
  • Remaining issues and next short term steps: developing tools and methodology to enhance and prove both the reliability and safety of GNSS-based positioning solutions
Felipe Sanjuan Pasamar
Telecommunications & Train Control

TETRA & LTE Integrated Communications Solutions for Transportation

  • Why invest in LTE? The key benefits this technology will bring to your operations
  • Ensuring your networks are secure and high functioning with Long Term Evolution
  • Working with the latest innovations in communications technology
Telecommunications & Train Control

How can we make sure standardisation is effective for every player?

  • Working together to ensure all players benefit from this new technology
  • Sharing the concerns of the operators and discussing potential solutions
  • As the advent of LTE edges closer what can we do to speed up progress?
Telecommunications & Train Control

Sharing the EU's perspective in standardisation of frequency for LTE


Networking Lunch

Jan Schneider-Tilli
Telecommunications & Train Control

Industry update: ETCS 2 and CBTC on Denmark's network

  • Sharing our progress on the flagship program to update telecommunications in Denmark
  • Managing the successful progress of the biggest telecommunications project in rail: our secrets to success
  • The next phase in the program: what are the foreseen challenges ahead?
Telecommunications & Train Control

Developing a next-generation LTE telecommunication network by 2020

  • Progressing from GSM-R to LTE network for rail: migration plans and interoperability
  • Ensuring that networks which are at end of life have options to improve
  • Overcoming the challenge of standardisation and creating a strong foundation for the progress of LTE
 Jung Gyeong Woo
Telecommunications & Train Control

Developing and operating with ERTMS in South Korea

  • Understanding the unique characteristic s of the South Korean Rail network
  • Discovering and overcoming the key challenges of implementing ERTMS technology
  • Hear the results of our research, developing LTE technology for railway operations


Christian Schlehuber
Telecommunications & Train Control

Security4Safety: An integrated approach

  • How can signalling equipment of railways be secured against cyber attackers?
  • How can a security lifecycle be integrated in the safety lifecycle?
  • Different approaches will be shown to this challenge
Telecommunications & Train Control

Insights into cybersecurity

  • Understanding where cyber threats originate from.
  • Security is always a tradeoff, finding the right balance between business needs, costs and risks is key.
  • Exploring the best practices and a trusted approach towards identifying and assessing security risks.
Michal Cieslik
Telecommunications & Train Control

Keeping ahead of unethical hackers in a digital rail environment

  •     Developing cyber processes as more networks and systems go online
  •     How can we ensure that we keep ahead of the hackers?
  •     Making sure we are aware of vulnerable areas and work towards improving our security
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Telecommunications & Train Control, Thursday 19 April 2018

Telecommunications & Train Control

Behind the scenes on implementing ATO

  • Hear the latest progress on upgrading the networks and supporting ETCS and ATO on the the line
  • What have been the biggest challenges to date and what are the key lessons learnt?
  • Making sure that full operation is realised: what are our final goals and how will the technology help us achieve this?
Telecommunications & Train Control

Experience with CBTC

  • Improving end to end journey experience for passengers by shorter journey times and more frequent service
  • Enabling safer train operation and significant operating costs reduction
  • The two key properties, “digitalization” and “mobile  communication” of CBTC enable the easy adoption of new innovation/evolution
Stéphane Callet
Telecommunications & Train Control

Measuring the success of signalling upgrades in Paris

  • Increasing capacity and operations in Paris: the impact ERTMS has had on our service
  • Overcoming the key challenges of implementation of new tech – what were the main issues we encountered?
  • Making sure that future implementation benefits from key lessons learnt.


Meng Cheng Chao
Telecommunications & Train Control

Implementing WIFI along the network of Taipei Meto

  • Upgrading from station WIFI to in-carriage WIFI: meeting the demand of our customers
  • Developing a specification for on board wifi which meets the criteria of your metro: sharing our experience
  • Implementing the technology on our network: understanding key technological challenges and impact on critical control network
Telecommunications & Train Control

Developing our Train Control network

  • Hear our approach to modernising Train Control across the network
  • Understand the details around the operational implementation with ETCS
  • Developing a long-term signalling program which allows for development into the future
Telecommunications & Train Control

Implementing GSMR & ETCS level 2 on Romania's network

  • Understanding Romania's current telecommunication network landscape
  • Managing the upgrade process: how are we preparing for challenges along the way?
  • Ensuring that our project is successful and has a real impact on our services
Telecommunications & Train Control

Increasing Capacity in Urban Areas

  • Choosing ERTMS over CBTC – what are the benefits of ERTMS over this technology?
  • Making sure our investments are effective and ensure that Italian Rail operators are drastically improved
  • Developing our telecommunication networks and sharing our key learnings
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