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Jan Schneider-Tilli, Signalling Program Director, BaneDanmark

Jan Schneider-Tilli
Signalling Program Director


Jung Gyeong Woo, Director of IT, KORAIL

Jung Gyeong Woo
Director of IT


Michal Cieslik, Chief Security Officer, Wiener Linien

Michal Cieslik
Chief Security Officer
Wiener Linien

Wiener Linien

Meng-Cheng Chao, Director of Information Technology Division, Metro Taipei

Meng-Cheng Chao
Director of Information Technology Division
Metro Taipei

Metro Taipei


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Telecommunications & Train Control, Wednesday 18 April 2018


Juliette Marais
Telecommunications & Train Control

Developing GNSS for the rail industry

  • Industry update: the state of GNSS-based solutions and projects for rail
  • Understanding the implications of GNSS for the rail industry: optimising operations and reducing costs
  • Remaining issues and next short term steps: developing tools and methodology to enhance and prove both the reliability and safety of GNSS-based positioning solutions
Felipe Sanjuan Pasamar
Telecommunications & Train Control

TETRA & LTE Integrated Communications Solutions for Transportation

  • Why invest in LTE? The key benefits this technology will bring to your operations
  • Ensuring your networks are secure and high functioning with Long Term Evolution
  • Working with the latest innovations in communications technology
Jan Schneider-Tilli
Telecommunications & Train Control

Industry update: ETCS 2 and CBTC on Denmark's network

  • Sharing our progress on the flagship program to update telecommunications in Denmark
  • Managing the successful progress of the biggest telecommunications project in rail: our secrets to success
  • The next phase in the program: what are the foreseen challenges ahead?
Telecommunications & Train Control

Sharing the EU's perspective in standardisation of frequency for LTE


Networking Lunch

Philippe Citroen
Telecommunications & Train Control

UNIFE’s vision for the digitisation of rail

  • The development of technologies to support the digitisation of the railway: from LTE to ERTMS – making it work for all 
  • The role of ERTMS in the digitisation of the railway industry: how can the rail industry effectively innovate?  
  • Looking to the future: how will rail benefit from key technologies such as IOT, AI and blockchain? Taking control of our innovation 
Joudia Boujdaini
Telecommunications & Train Control

ATO over ERTMS for metro interoperability

  • Implementing an ATO system over ERTMS: optimising your network
  • Attaining interoperability with train control technology: how can we develop this into the future?
  • Developing ATO technology for increased efficiency and safety
 Jung Gyeong Woo
Telecommunications & Train Control

Developing and operating with ERTMS in South Korea

  • Understanding the unique characteristic s of the South Korean Rail network
  • Discovering and overcoming the key challenges of implementing ERTMS technology
  • Hear the results of our research, developing LTE technology for railway operations


Christian Schlehuber
Telecommunications & Train Control

Security4Safety: An integrated approach

  • How can signalling equipment of railways be secured against cyber attackers?
  • How can a security lifecycle be integrated in the safety lifecycle?
  • Different approaches will be shown to this challenge
Telecommunications & Train Control

Insights into cybersecurity

  • Understanding where cyber threats originate from.
  • Security is always a tradeoff, finding the right balance between business needs, costs and risks is key.
  • Exploring the best practices and a trusted approach towards identifying and assessing security risks.
Michal Cieslik
Telecommunications & Train Control

Keeping ahead of unethical hackers in a digital rail environment

  •     Developing cyber processes as more networks and systems go online
  •     How can we ensure that we keep ahead of the hackers?
  •     Making sure we are aware of vulnerable areas and work towards improving our security
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Telecommunications & Train Control, Thursday 19 April 2018

Amandine Moutte
Telecommunications & Train Control

Automate an existing metro line without traffic disruption: the result of a long story of innovation since the 50's

  • RATP's experience in metro modernization and automation (several types of transition, both Brownfield and Greenfield projects)
  •  Focus on Line automation: Line 1 worldwide first, Line 4 ongoing (challenges, project organization)
  • Industrial strategy and key success factors
Telecommunications & Train Control

Experience with CBTC

  • Improving end to end journey experience for passengers by shorter journey times and more frequent service
  • Enabling safer train operation and significant operating costs reduction
  • The two key properties, “digitalization” and “mobile  communication” of CBTC enable the easy adoption of new innovation/evolution
Stéphane Callet
Telecommunications & Train Control

Measuring the success of signalling upgrades in Paris

  • Increasing capacity and operations in Paris: the impact ERTMS has had on our service
  • Overcoming the key challenges of implementation of new tech – what were the main issues we encountered?
  • Making sure that future implementation benefits from key lessons learnt.


Meng Cheng Chao
Telecommunications & Train Control

Implementing WIFI along the network of Taipei Meto

  • Upgrading from station WIFI to in-carriage WIFI: meeting the demand of our customers
  • Developing a specification for on board wifi which meets the criteria of your metro: sharing our experience
  • Implementing the technology on our network: understanding key technological challenges and impact on critical control network
Telecommunications & Train Control

Developing our Train Control network

  • Hear our approach to modernising Train Control across the network
  • Understand the details around the operational implementation with ETCS
  • Developing a long-term signalling program which allows for development into the future
Telecommunications & Train Control

Implementing GSMR & ETCS level 2 on Romania's network

  • Understanding Romania's current telecommunication network landscape
  • Managing the upgrade process: how are we preparing for challenges along the way?
  • Ensuring that our project is successful and has a real impact on our services
Sanjay Kumar
Telecommunications & Train Control

Increasing Capacity in Urban Areas

  • Choosing ERTMS over CBTC – what are the benefits of ERTMS over this technology?
  • Making sure our investments are effective and ensure that Italian Rail operators are drastically improved
  • Developing our telecommunication networks and sharing our key learnings
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