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Stations, Tuesday 5 March 2019


Welcoming Lunch


Olga Willner

The creation of digital stations using IoT & data analytics 

  • The digital transformation of the station and how this will develop into the future withLoRa& IoT
  • Understand the capabilities of WIFI enabled smart-clocks in monitoring passenger flow & journey data
  • Enabling ‘agile’ operations through digital platforms and predictive analytics

The role of ticketing in the capacity of the railway station

  • As customer flow and overcrowding become concerns, how will future ticketing play a role?
  • Beacon, GPS and in-app solutions; Barrier less ticketing and the opportunities this will bring
  • How can operators benefit from smart ticketing solutions effectively?
Panel discussion

PANEL: What will drive innovation for the station of the future?

  • Developing new station formats which bring benefits to travellers and operators
  • Designing future stations with flexibility at the core
  • How can operators effectively provide innovative solutions to today’s station problems?

Afternoon networking break


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Stations, Wednesday 6 March 2019




Official Welcome

Panel discussion

Host Keynotes Panel

The Basque Government will welcome a panel of leaders from across the world to discuss their vision of the railway sector with the introduction of key policies such as the 4th Railway package and the increasing liberalisation of the sector.

Rail 5.0 and Digital Mobility

Brian Kelly

Keynote Interview: Brian Kelly, CEO, California High Speed Railway Authority

The California High Speed Rail Authority have started construction of one of the world’s largest high-speed rail programs. The landmark US high-speed project represents a watershed moment for the US market as high-speed rail continues to grow. CEO Brian Kelly will sit down to discuss the key technologies CHSRA are looking at using to bring about momentous change in West Coast pubic transport and beyond.

Keynote Interview: Nigel Holness, Managing Director, London Undergound

Nigel Holness will sit down to discuss the future of rail technology in the world’s oldest underground system. TfL oversees one of the outstanding urban rail networks in the world with over 1.5 billion journeys per year. Nigel will share London's strategy for future growth and their drive for deeper digitalisation as London continues to capitalise on digital innovaiton that is profoundly changing the face of transport.
Panel discussion

Keynote Digital Rail Panel: How can the rail industry adapt to the rapid changes that come with digital technology and embrace the digital revolution?

  • With the rise of IoT, sensors and automation, what are the priorities of the future of public transport?
  • What is the role of public transport operators in the future of door to door travel?
  • How can we use Artificial Intelligence in a sustainable way to ensure reliability and cost-effective maintenance?
  • Where will the next generation of disruptors in the transport industry come from and how can we prepare our organisations?

Exhibition Opening Ceremony


Networking refreshment break

round tables

Technology and Strategy Roundtables

With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges?Our round tables are hosted by senior level topic specialists.Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them.After 30 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.
Are you ready for automation in rail – opportunities and challenges
Karsten Oberle

Karsten Oberle, Global Practice Lead - Railway, Nokia

Designing a Metro to facilitate mobility of the future
End-to-End connections in railway transport
Marc Giesen

Marc Giesen, Executive Director, DB Engineering & Consulting

How can an ERTMS transformation be managed step by step on a national scale?
Esmé Kalshoven

Esmé Kalshoven, ERTMS Program Director, NS

How rail operators can benefit from the latest telecommunication technologies
Felipe Sanjuan

Felipe Sanjuan, Transport Business Development Director, Teltronic

Opportunities for women through digitisation in the railway sector
Susanne Wolf-Eberl

Susanne Wolf-Eberl, Chairwoman, WIMEN

Technological challenges in traction systems
Iván Larzabal

Iván Larzabal, R&D Project Manager, CAF Power & Automation


Sudath Amaratunga

Managing station upgrade projects effectively to minimise impacts on customers

  • Working effectively to optimise the benefits of digitisation in the building process
  • Building our station with the customer in focus: how we planned the project around the customer
  • Understanding how we effectively minimised delays with effective project management
Johannah Randall

Fuelling station design with passenger experience and smart-technology

  • Developing stations from scratch at HS2: what are our key goals in the design phase?
  • Managing projects whilst maintaining overall strategy and analysing outside-in inspirations
  • Evaluating key smart technologies for predictive analytics and improved passenger flow

Networking Lunch and Exhibition viewing


Urban Hammarlund

Investing in stations as a route to urban regeneration

  • The Gothenburg Region City example: developing the station as part of the urban planning process
  • How can planners and station owners work together for effective results?
  • Commercial growth and business opportunities when redeveloping stations: working with the community
Norrie Courts

The future role of stations

  • Meeting station operational requirements and exploring new formats
  • Understanding future trends for station asset management
  • Commercially viable customer centric development & regeneration

The future role of stations as a hub of mobility

  • Building stations to accommodate different types of mobility to encourage travel by railways
  • Developing a new relationship with transport stakeholders: how can this be effectively achieved?
  • Attracting passengers to the station as a cultural and retail hub: commercially viable and customer-centric development
Iori Mori

Creating the station of the future

  • How is technology changing the role of the station as a critical part of the journey and city?
  • Understanding how to adopt future technologies and integrate into current infrastructure
  • Using predictive analytics to manage passenger flow and peak capacities

Afternoon networking break and exhibition viewing

Panel discussion

How can we invest in billion-euro projects and be sure that they will ready for future passenger demands?

  • Where are the key touch points for operators and infrastructure managers when looking to future proof megaprojects
  • What are thetechnologies we should be looking into regarding innovation in mobility?
  • What are the benefits of open data and what role can it play in these projects?
  • How can we be sure to integrate this innovation across our entire system and company?
  • How can we regulate and invest intechnologies for a smooth introduction of disruptors?

End of Day

Please join us for an evening drinks reception at the iconic San Mamés Stadium – the home of Athletic Bilbao FC
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Stations, Thursday 7 March 2019




Networking refreshment break in the exhibition hall

round tables

Global Project Roundtables

With the ever increasing need for new transport infrastructure and smart technology, how are organisations around the world rising to meet this demand?Our roundtables are hosted by senior level projects specialists from across the world.Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them.After 30 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.
Automation in Vienna: discussing the operational challenges of a conversion project
Nikolaus Panzera

Nikolaus Panzera, Operation Manager For The Implementation Of Uto, Wiener Linien

Evaluating the future train energy mix: hydrail, battery, diesel hybrid & electrification
Rory Dickerson

Rory Dickerson, Senior Engineer: Traction And Rolling Stock, Network Rail

Exploring Financial models for urban systems
Hans Cruse

Hans Cruse, Director, Spårvagnsstäderna

Getting the basics of cybersecurity right: how can transport foster a new way of thinking?
Maz Mirza Bin Mohd Aminurashid

Maz Mirza Bin Mohd Aminurashid, Head, Information Technology, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd

How can an existing metro line be automated without traffic disruption?
Amandine Moutte

Amandine Moutte, Assistant Project Manager, Line 4 Automation Project, RATP

How can operators overcome the complexities of managing stakeholder relationships and mega-project coordination on a regional scale?
Richard Sendi

Richard Sendi, Head, Planning And Strategy Sgr Project, Ministry of Works and Transport, Uganda

How can rail operators ensure sustainability is a priority across the company?
Margrethe Sagevik

Margrethe Sagevik, Environmental Manager, NSB

How can rail transform network operations with ETCS and other new technologies on the horizon?
Christine Kraft

Christine Kraft, Project Manager Etcs, DB Kommunikationstechnik

How can RFID automation technology contribute to the optimisation of rolling stock maintenance
Tanmay Mehta

Tanmay Mehta, General Manager, Rfid, Centre For Railway Information Systems, Indian Railways

Investing in the right suppliers to optimise the future of our network
Camilla Ahston

Camilla Ahston, Senior International Strategist, Purchasing And Logistics, Trafikverket

Navigating the challenges of implementing ETCS on a surface-running network
Paul Booth

Paul Booth, Principal Engineer, Network Rail

Overcoming the challenges of combining big data in operations and infrastructure to streamline traffic management services
Marleen Verheyen

Marleen Verheyen, Advisor Traffic Management Services, Infrabel Sa

Sourcing future refrigerants for existing and new air conditioning systems in railway vehicle
Tobias Fischer

Tobias Fischer, Head Of Rolling Stock Technology, Deutsche Bahn AG

Understanding the potential of GNSS for rail
Juliette Marais

Juliette Marais, Research Fellow, IFSTAR

Update on the German Hydrail project: the results of our operations
Dr Holger Busch

Dr Holger Busch, Scientific Advisor, Fraktion Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen

What is IOTA’s vision for blockchain and distributed ledger technology in the world of mobility?
Alisa Maas

Alisa Maas, Lead Mobility Track, IOTA Foundation


Astrid Bunt

CASE STUDY Redesigning stations with customer flow and connectivity as the top priorities

  • Why was this project necessary and what were our objectives?
  • Developing an effective strategy to optimise customer flow and station usability
  • Sharing the effective impact of our intermodal transport projects on the way our stations are used
Philipp Leimgruber

Learning from Zürich Main Station – how to innovate by prototyping

  • Creating a vision of a digitalised station of the future
  • Defining new smart services for customers and operators leading to that vision
  • Implementing new services by prototyping and design thinking

Networking lunch in the exhibition hall


Close of Conference – See you next year!


Welcoming drinks in Torre BEC

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