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Power Stream




Lisa Constable, Head of Environment & Sustainable Development, Network Rail

Lisa Constable
Head of Environment & Sustainable Development
Network Rail

Network Rail

Ralph Luijt, Head of Energy and Climate, Nederlands Spoorwegen

Ralph Luijt
Head of Energy and Climate
Nederlands Spoorwegen

Nederlands Spoorwegen

Joachim Winter, Project Manager, Next Generation Train, German Aerospace Centre

Joachim Winter
Project Manager, Next Generation Train
German Aerospace Centre

German Aerospace Centre

Marcelo Dourado, CEO, Metro DF

Marcelo Dourado
Metro DF

Metro DF


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Power, Wednesday 18 April 2018


Joachim Winter

The truth about Hydrail: Understanding the opportunities for rail

  •     What is the current state of development of Hydrogen fuel trains?
  •     Understanding the range of combination and that can be developed 
  •     Overcoming the infrastructure challenge: how can rail operators successfully implement the required infrastructure?
Ianko Valero

Trends and challenges for the integration of the storage elements in the power conversion

  • Storage technologies have opened a wide range of functionalities in the power conversion
  • Power electronics will play a significant role in the integration of  storage technologies on rail networks
  • Maximizing energy efficiency: a financial and environmental necessity

Dr Holger Busch

A world first: developing hydrogen-fuelled trains ready for implementation in Germany

  • Why Hydrail in Germany? Understanding the unique benefits that hydrail will bring to our network
  • The science is there: how can rail operators foster political backing for hydrail development
  • Giving an update on the German casestudy: the latest developments and hopes for the future

Networking Lunch


Ralph Luijt

The Dutch vision: A future energy neutral company

  • NS’ story so far: the key steps already taken to achieve sustainability 
  • Understanding our strategy to reach the energy neutral status
  • Discussing Ecodriving as a key part of our success: motivating our workforce and aligning the technical capabilities
Patrick Savoie

Reducing energy consumption and generating smart grid revenues with wayside energy storage systems

  • Operational and design considerations of a wayside energy storage systems
  • Where does it make sense to utilize WESS to save energy cost and develop new revenue streams
  • A US case study on Transit Authority & Utility smart grid collaboration for successful WESS deployment
Gareth Williams

Developing a sustainability strategy: Northern Rail’s approach

  • Sharing Northern Rail’s progress to improving sustainability and environmental standards on our network
  • Making sure that sustainability remains a priority though-out the organisation: why our structure is working
  • Looking towards the future, what are our goals and what does our roadmap to success look like?


Tobias Fischer

Evaluating alternative power systems for the future of Deutsche Bahn

  • Understanding the technologies available to replace diesel
  • Hearthe specific challenges of alternative power systems in rail
  • Discussing our approach to evaluating the best solution for Deutsche Bahn
  • Sharing some projects of Deutsche Bahn to introduce alternative power solutions

Pedro Fernandez Undabarrena

Battery EMU an alternative solution for diesel trains

  • Sharing the benefits and features of Battery EMU  

  • Investigating the solutions and Bombardier’s bridging battery solution 

  • Insights into our battery train case study - Diesel vs battery train 

Kumar Keshav

Building a sustainable metro network: the Lucknow case study

  • How can rail operators build a sustainable network when planning a new network
  • Ensuring that stations and depots are built using the most green technology
  • Overcoming the challenges of putting sustainability as a priority: lessons from India
  • strategy for extremely fast delivery of Lucknow Metro project
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18-19 April 2018, Bilbao

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