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Disrupting Mobility Keynotes, Wednesday 6 March 2019

last published: 05/Mar/19 10:15
Day 3

Disrupting Mobility Keynotes, Thursday 7 March 2019


Disrupting Mobility

Greg Williams
Disrupting Mobility Keynotes

In the face of radical and disruptive technology evolution, how can we ensure that our businesses are securely equipped for the future passenger?

Panel discussion
Disrupting Mobility Keynotes

Keynote Panel: How can we guarantee that mobility will remain sustainable and a seamless passenger experience is not jeopardised with the introduction of disruptors?

  • How can we create digital platforms that are agile enough to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of passengers?
  • What steps should we take to ensure open data can be advantageous in the face of cybersecurity and GDPR challenges?
  • Where should operators be focusing to maximise the efficiencies available with future technology?
last published: 05/Mar/19 10:15