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Constructing Rail 5.0 Keynotes, Wednesday 6 March 2019

last published: 05/Mar/19 10:15
Day 3

Constructing Rail 5.0 Keynotes, Thursday 7 March 2019


Constructing Rail 5.0

Torkel Patterson
Constructing Rail 5.0 Keynotes

30 years in the making: Building the Chuo Shinkansen Maglev train.

  • Testing at 500 km/h -how has JR Central built the world’s fastest train?
  • How have JR Central maintained their perfect safety record on the Tokaido Shinkansen
  • Balancing the innovation that is necessary for this level of rail transport against the Shinkansen’s perfect safety record.
Graham Stuart
Constructing Rail 5.0 Keynotes

The future of rail in the United Kingdom

Minister for Investment in the United Kingdom will take to the stage to discuss the rail sector in the United Kingdom and the huge projects underway there.
Panel discussion
Constructing Rail 5.0 Keynotes

Automation, IoT, AI, blockchain: the reality of innovation at the heart of global railway infrastructure companies

  • How can we use cutting edge technology such as blockchain, AI and chatbots to facilitate operations and maintenance in a traditional industry like rail?
  • How can we create infrastructure that is flexible enough to adapt to the capacity demands of tomorrow?
  • What areas of innovation should we explore in order to develop the major projects of the future?
last published: 05/Mar/19 10:15