2019 Speakers


Oh Young-sik



Brian Kelly


California High Speed Rail Authority

Jean-Jacques Thomas

Chief Digital and Innovation Officer

SNCF Réseau

Leanne Redden

Executive Director

RTA Chicago

Yves Zischek 


Smart Rail 4.0, SBB, Switzerland

Nalinaksh Vyas


Technology Mission, Indian Railways, India

Anja Maria Sonntag

Head of Digital Transformation

 SBB Cargo

Mathieu Dunant

Head of Digital Transformation

 R.A.T.P Group


Ana Maria Moreno

General Manager

Los Tranvias de Zaragoza

Bertrand Minary

Chief Innovation & Digital Officer


Ralph Lujit

Manager Energy & Environment

NS Reizigers

Kaspars Rokens


Rail Baltica, Latvia


Babakalli Alkala, Assistant Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Babakalli Alkala at RAIL Live 2019

Daniel Álvarez González, Sales Manager, voestalpine SIGNALING, Spain

Sudath Amaratunga, Rail Project Strategist, Transport for New South Wales Ltd, Australia

Mauricio Anderson Salazar, General Manager, Metro de Quito, Ecuador

Roberto Andreoli, Chief Information and Technology Officer, A.T.M. - Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, Italy

Thierno Aw, Directeur General, Conseil Executif Des Transports Urbains De Dakar, Senegal

Ander Azkarate, Strategic Innovation Manager, Danobat, Spain

Israel Baron, CISO, Israel Railways, Israel

Ashwini Bhide, Managing Director, Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation, India

Ashwini Bhide at RAIL Live 2019

Paul Booth, Principal Engineer, Network Rail, United Kingdom

Paul Booth at RAIL Live 2019

Carlo Borghini, Executive Director, Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, Belgium

Andrea Bruschi, Transportation and Mobility Planner, Metropolitana Milanese SpA, Italy

Andrea Bruschi at RAIL Live 2019

Dr Holger Busch, Scientific Advisor, Fraktion Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, Germany

Dr Holger Busch at RAIL Live 2019

Heiko Büttner, Chairman, Munich S-Bahn, Germany

Heiko Büttner at RAIL Live 2019

Stéphane Callet, Director Signalling Projects, SNCF, France

Stuart Calvert, Director, Programme Technical Services and Supply Chain, Network Rail Digital Railway, United Kingdom

Stuart Calvert at RAIL Live 2019

Dr. Cheng-Chiou Chang, Committee Member, Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taiwan

Dr. Cheng-Chiou Chang at RAIL Live 2019

Jonathan Chatfield, Head Of Policy - Stations & Freight, Rail Delivery Group, United Kingdom

Jonathan Chatfield at RAIL Live 2019

Doris Chevalier, CEO, Infraboost, France

Doris Chevalier at RAIL Live 2019

Michal Cieslik, Chief Security Officer, Wiener Linien, Austria

Michal Cieslik at RAIL Live 2019

Philippe Citroen, Director General, U.N.I.F.E., Belgium

Rebecca Cranshaw, Community & Environment Manager, Eurostar, United Kingdom

Peter Cushing, Managing Director, Cushing IP and Co Ltd, United Kingdom

Peter Cushing at RAIL Live 2019

Mark Davis, General Manager, London Trams, United Kingdom

Mark Davis at RAIL Live 2019

Jasmijn De Clerq, Data Scientist, Infrabel Sa, Belgium

David Alvarez Diez, Research Engineer, ArcelorMittal, Spain

Mathieu Dunant, Head of Innovation, R.A.T.P. Group, France

Mathieu Dunant at RAIL Live 2019

Jonny Dymond, Journalist, BBC, United Kingdom

Daniel Eckenstein, Asset Manager - Track, SBB, Switzerland

Pier Eringa, Chief Executive Officer, ProRail, Netherlands

Corey Ershow, Transportation Policy Manager, Lyft, United States

Duilio Fatti, Head of Knowledge and Interfaces Management, Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane, Italy

Eugenio Fideli, Head of R & D, RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, Italy

Tobias Fischer, Head of Rolling Stock Technology, Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany

Juan José Gainza, Marketing, ArcelorMittal, Spain

Diego Galar, Professor, Lulea University, Sweden

Diego Galar at RAIL Live 2019

Andrea Giuricin, CEO, TRA Consulting, Spain

Andrea Giuricin at RAIL Live 2019

Julio Gómez-Pomar, Chairman, IE Center for Transport Economics & Infrastructure Management, Spain

Julio Gómez-Pomar at RAIL Live 2019

Markus Halder, Head Traction Energy Management - Leiter Energiemanagement Traktion, SBB, Switzerland

Urban Hammarlund, Regional Manager Gothenburg Urban Development, Jernhusen, Sweden

Urban Hammarlund at RAIL Live 2019

Rolf Härdi, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany

Rolf Härdi at RAIL Live 2019

Andy Harrison, Founder, Mim, United Kingdom

Stuart Harvey, Director of the Major Projects Directorate, Transport for London, United Kingdom

Charles Hoskins, Senior Director, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, United Kingdom

Charles Hoskins at RAIL Live 2019

Sin Sin Hsu, Head of Track Engineering, Network Rail High Speed, United Kingdom

Sin Sin Hsu at RAIL Live 2019

Stefan Huber, Tracking Solutions | ACM Product Management, Frauscher Sensor Technology, Austria

Stefan Huber at RAIL Live 2019

Tobyn Hughes, Managing Director, Nexus, United Kingdom

Tobyn Hughes at RAIL Live 2019

Bob Huisman, Manager of Maintenance Research and Development, NS, Netherlands

Bob Huisman at RAIL Live 2019

Baseliyos Jacob, Senior Expert, ATO And ETCS, DB Cargo, Germany

Carel Jonckheere, Digital Railway Project Director, Infrabel, Belgium

Carel Jonckheere at RAIL Live 2019

Piia Karjalainen, Senior Manager MaaS Alliance, Ertico I.T.S. Europe, Belgium

Tim Keith, President, Texas Central, United States

Brian Kelly, CEO, California High Speed Rail Authority, United States

Jon Kerbey, Director of BIM, HS2, United Kingdom

Daniel Kindler, 104. Daniel Kindler, Blockchain and DLT Solutions, Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany

Daniel Kindler at RAIL Live 2019

Nick Kingsley, Managing Editor, Railway Gazette International, United Kingdom

Nick Kingsley at RAIL Live 2019

Alexandra Klitina, Director of the Reform Support Team, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukraine, Ukraine

Peter Kolar, Strategy Department, S.Z.D.C., Czech Republic

Kristian Kolind, Director, Mobility services & business development, NSB, Norway

Christine Kraft, Project Manager ETCS, DB Kommunikationstechnik, Germany

Thomas Kritzer, Head of Tramway Division, Wiener Linien, Austria

Thomas Kritzer at RAIL Live 2019

Barend Kuenen, Director of Stations Management & Exploitation, NS Stations, Netherlands

Michael Kuperberg, Chief Blockchain and DLT Architect, Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany

Michael Kuperberg at RAIL Live 2019

Arttu Kuukankorpi, Director Traffic Operations, Helsinki Region Transport, Finland

Jon Lamonte, Chief Executive Officer, Transport for Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Jon Lamonte at RAIL Live 2019

David Leborgne, Chief Digital Officer, SNCF, France

David Leborgne at RAIL Live 2019

Philipp Leimgruber, Leader - Smart Station Zurich HB, Swiss Railways S.B.B., Switzerland

Philipp Leimgruber at RAIL Live 2019

Mathias Linden, Project Leader, Competence Centre for the Assessment of Railway Diagnostic and Monitoring Technologi, University Of Koblenz-Landau, Germany

Mark Loader, Project Group Director, MyHSR Corporation, Malaysia

Ralph Luijt, Manager Energy & Environment, NS Reizigers, Netherlands

Ralph Luijt at RAIL Live 2019

Christopher Mcmorrow, Head of Fleet Management, Irish Rail, Ireland

Christopher Mcmorrow at RAIL Live 2019

Andrew Mcnaughton, Strategic Technical Adviser, HS2, United Kingdom

Andrew Mcnaughton at RAIL Live 2019

Olivier Menuet, Vice President, SNCF, France

Kirsi Miettinen, Senior Adviser for Legislative Affairs, Data Department, Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communication, Finland

Bertrand Minary, Chief Innovation & Digital Oficer, Fret SNCF, France

Maz Mirza Bin Mohd Aminurashid, Head, Information Technology, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Maz Mirza Bin Mohd Aminurashid at RAIL Live 2019

Koki Mitsuzuka, asistant manager, east japan railway company, Japan

Das Mootanah, CEO, Metro Mauritius, Mauritius

Das Mootanah at RAIL Live 2019

Ana Maria Moreno, General Manager, Los Tranvías de Zaragoza, Spain

Ana Maria Moreno at RAIL Live 2019

Alejandro Moreno, Director, Midland Metro Alliance, Spain

Alejandro Moreno at RAIL Live 2019

Iori Mori, Assistant Manager, IT Strategy Division, Technology Innovation HQ, East Japan Railway Company, Japan

Amandine Moutte, Assistant Project Manager, Line 4 Automation Project, RATP, France

Larysa Nazarenko, Project Manager Reform Support Team, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukraine, Ukraine

Oh Young-Sik, President and CEO, KORAIL, Republic Of Korea

Volodymyr Omelyan, Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukraine, Ukraine

Sota Ouk, Deputy Director of Railways, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Railways Department, Cambodia

Sota Ouk at RAIL Live 2019

Nicholas Owen, Journalist, Presenter & Rail Enthusiast, BBC, United Kingdom

Johannah Randall, Head of Stations Operations, HS2, United Kingdom

Johannah Randall at RAIL Live 2019

Leanne Redden, Executive Director, Regional Transportation Authority Chicago, United States

Kaspars Rokens, COO, Rail Baltica, Latvia

Dirk Rompf, Managing Director Network Planning and Major Projects, DB Netz AG, Germany

Stefan Roth, Product Owner HoloAssist, Deutsche Bahn, Germany

Randy Sac, Head - Information Mgmt. & Technology, Light Rail Manila Corporation, Philippines

Felipe Sanjuan, VP Sales Global Integrators, Teltronic, Spain

Henning Scheel, Vice President Contract and Market, Bane NOR, Norway

Henning Scheel at RAIL Live 2019

Gerald Schinagl, Director, Department Digital Innovation, O.B.B., Austria

Christian Schlehuber, Team Leader CyberSecurity OT, Db Netz, Germany

Christian Schlehuber at RAIL Live 2019

Jörn Schwarze, CTO, Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe Ag, Germany

Ivana Semanjski, City of Ghent, Belgium

Ivana Semanjski at RAIL Live 2019

Richard Sendi, Head, Planning & Strategy SGR Project, Ministry of Works and Transport, Uganda, United Republic Of Tanzania

Sherisse Shelton-Smith, Smart Ticketing Manager, Govia Thameslink Railway, United Kingdom

Thibaud Simphal, General Manager - Western Europe, Uber, Netherlands

Thibaud Simphal at RAIL Live 2019

Anja-Maria Sonntag, Head of Digital Transformation, SBB Cargo, Switzerland

Anja-Maria Sonntag at RAIL Live 2019

Johan Sundin, Strategic Construction Support East Link Project, Trafikverket, Sweden

Gani Tazhiyev, Executive Director, Almaty LRT Project, Kazakhstan

Jean-Jacques Thomas, Chief Innovation Officer, SNCF Réseau, France

Matias Uslenghi, Chief Planning Officer, Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura, Argentina

Matias Uslenghi at RAIL Live 2019

Paulius Valiulis, Head of Innovation Labs, Lithuanian Railway, Lithuania

Marleen Verheyen, Advisor Traffic Management Services, Infrabel Sa, Belgium

Chris Verstegen, CIO, ProRail, Netherlands

Chris Verstegen at RAIL Live 2019

Manel Villalante, Chief Development and Strategy Officer, Renfe, Spain

Manel Villalante at RAIL Live 2019

Nalinaksh Vyas, Chairman, Technology Mission, Indian Railways, India

Nalinaksh Vyas at RAIL Live 2019

Gareth Williams, Head of Energy & Environment, Northern Rail Ltd, United Kingdom

Gareth Williams at RAIL Live 2019

Greg Williams, Editor -In-Chief, Wired, United Kingdom

Olga Willner, Project Manager IT & Technology Management, D.B. Station & Service A.G., Germany

Sonia Zahiroddiny, BIM Strategy Manager, HS2, United Kingdom

Yves Zischek, Leader, SmartRail 4.0, SBB, Switzerland