Peter Shippen | President & CEO
Redwood Asset Management

Peter Shippen, President & CEO, Redwood Asset Management

Peter has been President since September 2009. He was an executive officer and a Director of Ark Fund Management and its affiliated entities from September 2007 until its amalgamation with Redwood on January 1, 2010. From July 2002 until August 2007, Peter worked at TD Waterhouse Canada Inc., most recently as Vice President, Fund Research and Product Due Diligence. Mr. Shippen is a CFA Charterholder, holder of the CAIA designation and earned a BA, Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University.


Day 1 @ 13:30

Passive aggressive – what’s next for active management as investors continue flocking to ETFs & index funds?

  • Cost factor – should the timeless passive vs. active debate be recast as high vs. low-cost investing?
  • Compensation structure – is the 2 & 20 fee structure officially extinct?  What other viable compensation structures could replace it? 
  • Regulation & consolidation – should we expect margin compression and increasing regulatory burdens to bring more consolidation to the asset management industry?
  • Passive investing bubble? Are falling correlations between assets an early indicator of an imminent passive investing bubble bursting? Will such a bubble ultimately create a fertile environment for an active management comeback? 
  • Dead, dying or evolving? Have robo-advisors, smart beta funds and other FinTech/InvestTech innovations already sounded the death knell for traditional forms of active management? If so, how will active management be defined in the future? Will the systematic methods employed by quants evolve to replace the elements of human intuition? 

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