Peggy Van de Plassche | General Manager
113 Ventures

Peggy Van de Plassche, General Manager, 113 Ventures

As VP Innovation Engagement at CIBC, Peggy and her group lead the charge on external partnerships and innovation management.

A finance professional by trade Peggy started working in technology 15 years ago, before Fintech was cool or even a word.
Prior to joining CIBC, Peggy worked at CGI and BMO, started a couple of FinTech ventures, invested in tech companies, and consulted for large organizations & startups.

Peggy holds a M.Sc. and a B.B.A. from Ieseg School of Management and is a CFA Institute member.

Peggy has been involved in the community as a board member, head of committee and volunteer for several non-profits.
Despite having spent many years in Canada, Peggy still has a very strong French accent from her natal country, as well as a deep love for all things French.


Day 1 @ 09:20

FinTech on the rise – navigating Canada’s opportunity for global leadership as a hub for innovation

  • Taking the temperature of Canadian financial innovation – with over $1 billion raised by FinTech startups since 2010, is Canada on the verge of a tech-fueled revolution in financial services? 
  • Funding, human capital & government support – how does Canada stack up when considering the most critical components involved in fostering a vibrant ecosystem for innovation? 
  • Competing in global markets – is Canada adequately equipped to scale developing FinTech businesses to challenge established international incumbents in the U.S. and Europe? How can Canada’s vast network of global banking resources help stimulate productivity and competition? 
  • Hope, hype & health across new tech – blockchain, payments, lending, wealth management, capital markets
  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning – as autonomous machines take on a larger role in the investment process, how can the industry address potential issues surrounding trust, accountability and fiduciary responsibility? 
  • Democratization, dissemination and disintermediation of data – how can innovation in the way information is controlled, accessed and analyzed usher in a new era for banking?
  • Optimizing access to financial resources – what tools and technologies could drive efficiencies in capital allocation?  
  • Collaborative Canadian culture – how does Canada’s spirit of collaboration and cooperation, rather than competition, between legacy institutions, startups and government agencies propelled its growth as a global innovation hub? Are there drawbacks to this collegial approach? 

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