• Real Estate Investment World Latin America 2015


Private Equity World Latin America 2015 

Latin Americas leading real estate investment conference

The 8th annual Private Equity World Latin America event is where GPs, LPs and investee companies come to discuss new deals, forge new partnerships and raise capital.


Through a combination of strategic keynote presentations, insightful case studies, collaborative roundtable discussions and 1-2-1 partnering, Private Equity World Latin America gives you the opportunity to network, meet new industry contacts and generate sales leads. Don't miss out! Your competitors will be there - can you afford not to? 



Inspirational Speakers: 


Private Equity World Latin AmericasDavid Britts 

Private Equity World Latin AmericaDonald Trump Jnr
Executive VP
The Trump Organization

Private Equity World Latin AmericaBrian Finerty
Senior VP
Equity International

Private Equity World Latin AmericaSteve Costabile

Private Equity World Latin AmericaMary Morris
Virginia College Savings Plan


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Sponsors & Exhibitors




Prodigy Network at Private Equity World Latin America 2015

Grupo Pestana at Private Equity World Latin America 2015


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