Conference Day 1


Power & Electricity World Vietnam 2017 Conference Day 1


Organiser's opening remarks


Chair's opening remarks

Powering the Future of Vietnam

The Hung Tang

Government address: Revised Power Plan VII & opportunities in Vietnam’s power sector

  • Emphasis on energy security, energy efficiency, renewable energy development and power market liberisation
  • Supplying sufficient electricity to the whole country and meet socio-economic development targets of the country
  • Prioritising development of renewable energy power generation, increasing total proportion (excluding hydro) to 7% in 2020 and over 10% in 2030
  • Developing flexible operational power transmission grid with high automosation capacity from transmission to distribution
  • Driving rural electrification to enable universal access to electricity throughout the country
  • Opportunities in Vietnam’s power sector for private and foreign players
The Hung Tang, Deputy Director of Planning Department, General Department of Energy, Ministry of Industry & Trade

Host utility keynote: Driving power sector development in Vietnam

  • Meeting the power needs of the national economy and society whilst ensuring energy security
  • Working with the private sector to jointly develop new power projects
  • Applying modern technology and sophisticated IT structure in power system operation and corporate management
  • Plans in 2016 – 2030 in line with the Revised Power Plan VII and opportunities for investors

Invitation to Electricity of Vietnam

Government Address: Overview of FDI policies in Vietnam

  • Why invest in Vietnam?
  • FDI incentives and procedures
  • Legal framework on investments
Invitation to Foreign Investment Agency

Speed networking & morning refreshments

Power Sector Market Design

Sarah Fairhurst

Creating a competitive wholesale power market

  • Where are we now? Results of initial implementation in competitive power generation
  • Lessons from the Philippines’ WESM as the first electricity market in developing Asia and applications for Vietnam
  • Identifying policy framework improvements needed to hasten the development of competitive power generation market, whilst also protecting consumers and attracting investors
Panel discussion

Panel: What is a realistic energy mix for a forward-looking Vietnam?

  • Ensuring energy security and safeguarding capacity
  • Distributed energy: Providing power in places without existing power infrastructure?
  • Can renewables grow against a backdrop of low coal and oil prices, and what are the realistic prospects for displacing thermal power generation capacity?
  • Where does hydro fit? Driving sustainable hydro development in the new energy economy
  • How new technologies will shape planning decisions and regulatory behaviour going forward
Graham Tyler, Senior Director, Galway Group

Smart grid implementation roadmap

  • Moving from smart grid planning to rollout
  • ​Deploying modern technologies to improve distribution grid quality, increase efficiency and reduce power losses
  • Upgrading network infrastructure to unlock higher levels of renewable penetration onto the grid
  • Refining the existing smart grid roadmap on the basis of the lessons learned from international experiences with smart grid development: Who can we learn from?

Networking luncheon

Investments & Financing

Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Unlocking FDI opportunities to drive Vietnam’s power sector development

  • Balancing energy policies, regulatory frameworks and electricity tariffs to encourage and attract more foreign investment
  • Investment trends & opportunities in Vietnam’s power sector - where are investors putting their money into and where are the big returns likely for foreign investors?
  • Investor mindset: How are foreign investors’ expectations different and how much risk are they willing to assume?
  • What is the investor appetite for power projects in Vietnam, compared to other Southeast Asian nations?
  • Identifying the critical factors in attracting foreign investors and long term capital to an emerging market like Vietnam
  • Creating stable and long term returns for investors
  • To what degree will international investors be required to work with local partners? What’s realistic and how can we make it work?
Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: The infrastructure development opportunity

  • What has limited the potential of infrastructure development in Vietnam so far?
  • Creating an investment climate attractive to the private sector: Government guarantees and incentives to drive PPPs
  • Realigning interests and working through strategic partnerships
  • What other support mechanisms should be in place?
  • Can direct PPAs between electricity end users and IPPs work in Vietnam without government guarantees?
  • The role of development agencies in driving Vietnam’s power sector development - Developing policies and frameworks in partnership with MOIT
  • Kicking start new industry development and making renewable energy and energy efficiency more competitive
  • Driving capacity development and fostering technology transfers
Martin Hoppe, Attaché for Economic Cooperation, German Embassy

Networking & Afternoon Refreshments

Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Structuring the deal - Streamlining renewable energy financing & reducing project risks

  • Decision criteria in financing renewable energy projects – What are investors looking for?
  • Identifying key obstacles in securing financing for new renewable energy projects
  • Going beyond bankability - Structuring financing agreements to reduce project risks
  • Financing without offtake agreements or FIT approvals: Is it even possible in this market?
  • Does the presence of a multilateral investor affect other investor appetites?
  • Experiences from projects in other Southeast Asian markets

Interactive roundtables


Networking cocktail

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