Wim Goettsch | Director of EUnetHTA JA3

Wim Goettsch, Director of EUnetHTA JA3, Zorginstituut

Wim Goettsch, PhD is the current Director of the EUnetHTA JA3 (2016-2020) Directorate. Between 2010 and 2015 he was the Project Leader of WP5 of the EUnetHTA JA1 and JA2 on Relative Effectiveness Assessments. Until the beginning of 2013, he was also the Deputy Secretary of the Medicinal Products Reimbursement Committee at Dutch National Health Care Institute. He has a PhD in immunology and an advanced education in (pharmaco)- epidemiology and pharmaco-economics. He has more than 70 publications in peer-reviewed international journals.


Day Two World Pharma Pricing & Market Access EU Congress @ 11:05

Progress on European collaboration for HTA and implications for national settings

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