Peter Wahl | Director
Covance Market Access

Peter Wahl, Director, Covance Market Access

Peter Wahl, ScD, MLA, MS is a pharmacoepidemiologist specializing in complex pharmacoepidemiologic study design and analytic methods in the conduct of both prospective and retrospective observational studies.  Dr. Wahl has extensive experience in the strategic development of real-world evidence (RWE), with expertise in the full spectrum of primary and secondary health care data, including electronic medical records, administrative claims, administrative hospital system databases, and other electronic healthcare records.   His responsibilities at Covance include identifying and working with strategic partners to facilitate virtual RWE, providing input on processes to integrate “plug-and-play” components into virtual RWE systems, directing pharmacoepidemiological study design and advanced analytics, and devising strategic advice for clients in the development and synthesis of real world evidence across all phases of product development.  Most recently, he is serving as co-lead for a LabCorp/Covance initiative to develop a large registry that integrates genetic and real-world data to support drug discovery and development.


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