Gundula Schneidewind | Managing Director
Takeda Belgium

Gundula Schneidewind, Managing Director, Takeda Belgium

Gundula Schneidewind Medical Doctor, PhD
Takeda Pharma International, Zurich, Switzerland

Gundula joined Takeda Germany in April 2013 as Head of Market Access. Since September 2015, she has been serving as VP Medical Affairs at Takeda´s Regional Headquarter, overseeing Europe & Canada (EUCAN). Medical Affairs was identified as a key capability in Takeda´s transformation to a specialty care company. Takeda EUCAN for this purpose redesigned their Medical Affairs function to optimize scientific contribution in inflammatory bowel disease and oncology, multi-country data generation representing a key competency within this ambition. Gundula graduated in Medicine from the University of Dusseldorf, Germany and obtained a medical PhD at the University of Zurich. After being an MD in Radiology and General Medicine, she studied Public Health and took up managerial positions in Integrated Care- & Disease Management Programs at sick funds and a doctors´ association. Since 2004 she has been heading up departments in Market Access, Reimbursement and Public Affairs in Eli Lilly, Sanofi Pasteur MSD and Novo Nordisk with focus on the German Market. In 2015, she transitioned to Regional Medical Affairs within Takeda.


Day Two World Pharma Pricing & Market Access EU Congress @ 09:00

Chair’s opening remarks

Day Two World Pharma Pricing & Market Access EU Congress @ 11:05

Designing and analysing observational studies for treatment effects using a variety of data sources

  • The role of Named Patient- and Early Access Programs in early generation of Real World Evidence
  • How retrospective research can add value in data generation
  • Registries as a data source and company effort

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