Diane Kleinermans | Dr
Belgian Federal Government

Diane Kleinermans, Dr, Belgian Federal Government

Diane Kleinermans, MD
Diane Kleinermans works as advisor to the Minister of Public Health and Social Affairs since 2015. She is mainly in charge of dossiers related to clinical trials but also of the BeNeLuxA cooperation’s initiative.
Diane has a medical background and a broad experience in various fields. She started her career as GP in Brussels but rapidly collaborated with the pharmaceutical industry.
Her first employer was Pfizer where she stayed for more than 15 years, working in early development and creating their Phase I Unit at the Erasme hospital (Brussels) which she managed for 10 years,
She then left Belgium and worked as medical director of CRO’s in France and the UK, before joining Novartis Ophthalmics as head of the scientists group in Zurich.
She then came back to Belgium where, after a short experience in the regulatory department of GSK Biologicals, she joined the NIHDI as internal expert to the Commission of Drugs reimbursement, being amongst others in charge of orphan drugs assessments.

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