Ph Associates Ltd An Open Health Company


pH Associates is a Real World Evidence (RWE) consultancy, working in strategic partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, NHS and academia on RWE projects that drive improvement in healthcare delivery.  pH has been recognised as a leader in the RWE arena for more than 15 years, with over 350 RWE projects successfully delivered and more than 50 publications to our name.

The successful demonstration of value is becoming tougher, with ever increasing requirements to provide stronger, more compelling evidence to stakeholders.  pH has an expert team who can help identify your RWE needs,  recognise the right dataset and deliver the optimum analysis, to support those needs throughout the product lifecycle. Our projects utilise existing data where available, however, when existing data are not available, we lead the field in the design and implementation of robust studies and evaluation projects, generating data to demonstrate the impact of services and interventions in clinical practice.

Currently, we are a team of around 40 people, based in Marlow as part of OPEN Health group. We have formed REAL Europe, a strategic alliance with other specialist RWE partners, providing capabilities in Europe and other markets.

pH Associates are part of the OPEN Health family of businesses. OPEN Health is a healthcare communications, data and market access group. It is made up of specialist, best-in-class businesses, that individually are experts in their own fields. Currently, we are an organisation of around 200 individuals, operating across a wide range of disciplines. We work with almost all of the world’s top 40 pharmaceutical companies, as well as many device, diagnostic and healthcare delivery organisations. Our clients range from small start-ups to major multinationals at a UK, regional and global level. OPEN Health is owned by Chime Communications.