Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd


KSR Evidence has been developed by Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd (KSR), an independent research company that produces and disseminates systematic reviews, cost-effectiveness analyses and health technology assessments of research evidence in healthcare. KSR Evidence includes all systematic reviews and meta-analyses in healthcare published since 2015, and it contains over 100,000 systematic reviews and some 10,000 critical appraisals.
Using an adapted version of the Risk Of Bias In Systematic Reviews Tool (ROBIS), KSR Evidence aims to provide a critical appraisal and a short, accessible bottom line for many systematic reviews. The risk of bias tool looks at four domains: study eligibility criteria; identification and selection of studies; data collection and study appraisal; and synthesis and findings. From these domains an overall summary of the risk of bias and a bottom line are provided, which give the key clinically relevant implications of the results reported in the review and includes information about the reliability of these results.
Subscribers to KSR Evidence have access to the full appraisals of systematic reviews, can request that specific systematic reviews be fast-tracked in the appraisal process, and can save and share their search strategies. For more information please contact us at ksrevidence@systematic-reviews.com.