Sami Lahtinen | Chief Investment Officer
The State Pension Fund of Finland | Finland

Sami Lahtinen, Chief Investment Officer, The State Pension Fund of Finland

Sami Lahtinen is a CIO, Position Management at VER (The State Pension Fund of Finland). Position Management is responsible for investments in hedge funds and risk premia strategies and manages fund’s overlay strategies. The market value of VER’s investment portfolio was EUR 20bn on Sep2019. Sami holds a M.Sc .in Finance from the University of Tampere.    


MEIS Day 1 @ 09:00

Keynote Navigating the complexities of geoeconomic and political disunity: repositioning portfolios amid market distortion and preparing for a new market cycle

MEIS Day 1 @ 09:20

Keynote Panel Global diversification, widespread resynchronisation and competitive geopolitical risks: evaluating impact on portfolios of US-Sino trade tensions, rising interest rates, unwinding US ba

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