Hussein Sayed | Presenter/Financial Analyst
CNBC Arabia | United Arab Emirates

Hussein Sayed, Presenter/Financial Analyst, CNBC Arabia


Middle East Investment Summit 2018 Day 1 @ 09:40

SWF Fund Panel: Traversing evolving global political structures and trends

  •     Leveraging secular inflation and downside risks, examining the geos most affected 
  •     Highlighting 2018’s exposed economic disparities, what are the real implications for investors?
  •     Evaluating global trade patterns, noting the growing global GDP and modest EM growth 
  •     Considering what the bond market is offering in returns – where are the greatest opportunities?
  •     Examining the overall impact on investor portfolios

Middle East Investment Summit 2018 Day 2 @ 09:20

Pension Fund Panel: Rearranging the Central Bank balance sheet: evaluating Q.E, monetary and fiscal policy

  •     Reacting to the transforming monetary and fiscal policies
  •     Adapting to decisions made on Q.E. and meeting the challenge of the sustained low return environment 
  •     Examining the effects on capital markets as the central banks decrease monetary stimulus
  •     What will the new economic cycle look like, what can investors expect at the close of 2018?

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