MEIS 2018: Saudi Investment Forum Day 3



The road to 2030: diversifying a national economy

  •     Outlining the ‘ambitious blueprint’ of Vision 2030 - long term objectives and anticipations
  •     Examining revised economic, social and intellectual frameworks and impact for foreign investors
  •     Reviewing the new governance strategies and policies for encouraging financial growth and avoiding crisis 
  •     Heightening monetary resources for further economic stability
Panel discussion

Investor panel: The economic overhaul: widening foreign investor access

  •     Leveraging the benefits of the redesigned investment growth strategies in KSA for investors –  what are the emerging asset classes? 
  •     Navigating the remaining structural rigidity - the ‘negative list’
  •     Investigating large scale shareholder value in the largest economy in the Middle East: partnerships and cross investment
  •     Capitalising on the Kingdom’s strengths across the large local market, high population with growing spending power, stabling infrastructure and regulated banking system

Navigating the Private equity landscape

  •     What new opportunities have been created for private equity investors in Saudi Arabia?
  •     Understanding the unique business and cultural elements of doing commerce in the country and accessing an otherwise ‘closed market’
  •     Identifying the emerging growth opportunities: looking to promising SMEs
  •     What do the overall macro developments in Saudi mean for the rest of the MENA region?

Contributing to the ‘investment powerhouse’: exactly where to invest in Saudi Arabia

  •     Surveying outperforming investment vehicles: generating maximum ROI through Saudi Arabian funds
  •     Reaching emerging assets: transport, healthcare, tourism, agriculture, mining and utilities
  •     Embracing public-private partnerships and collaboration for long term investment goals
  •     Reaping benefits beyond ROI: reviewing the regulatory, financial and tax incentivesReserved for sponsor

Speed networking


Morning break


Panel discussion

Panel: The rise of the smart economic city: accessing alternative real estate

  •     Exploring the economic city vision, what resources are needed to build and transform an emerging city?
  •     Capitalising on the reformed tourism, entertainment, education and hospitality markets what the financial instruments used to access these opportunities
  •     Gaining access to the emerging real estate investment opportunities and ROI potential o    the Red Sea Islands o    Entertainment City o    King Abdullah’s Economic City

Unexploited assets: the emerging alternative space

  •     Evaluating the role of emerging alternative in asset allocation 
  •     Accessing new, alternative financial vehicles and asset classes rising in KSA: mobility, commercial space travel, biotechnology, digital sciences and smart agriculture
  •     Looking to the Softbank vision fund example: enabling the next age of innovation for sizeable returns 
  •     Weighing the benefits and challenges for national and international investors

Accessible equity markets: broadening foreign appeal

  •     Reforming the stock market for wider economic transformation: highlighting benefits for stakeholders and satisfying their requirements
  •     Accessing the advantages of Saudi Arabia’s differentiated capital markets
  •     Explaining how global investors can benefit from the newly updated qualified foreign investor programme
  •     Investing directly into alternative platforms and vehicles for maximum returns to reach outperformersReserved for sponsor


1. Accessing Aramco

2. REITS in a regulatory framework: a non-thematic advantage

3. Medical cities: investing in the heart of the KSA healthcare market

4. The rise of the accelerator: embracing the evolving startup ecosystem

5. Organisation of talent and leveraging resources to capitalise on emerging alternatives

6. Mining: the 3rd pillar of the economy

7. Revving up the economy: the role of women in KSA

8. Alternative vs commercial real estate

9. Tourism in the Kingdom: strategies attracting appeal

10. Distribution parks: raising your revenue


Networking lunch



Emerging projects: bridging the ‘trillion-dollar gap’

  •     Aligning infrastructure asset classes with long term goals – exploring the planned infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia
  •     Identifying top projects by sector: o    The King Abdullah Port expansion o    Makkah Grand Mosque redevelopment o    King Abdulaziz International Airport Expansion
  •     Observing the growing urban population – increasing outperformers and opportunities for institutional investors
  •     Accessing lower correlation and more liquidity through infrastructure project investment vehicles

Driving acceleration: transportation on the fast track

  •     Reacting to rapid urbanisation and increasing penetration of rail, road and airport transportation 
  •     Participating in transportation innovation ventures: what does investing in this space mean for institutional investors?
  •     Entering into long-term partnerships and investment vehicles across the transport and construction sectors
  •     Gaining portfolio exposure to the metro, light rail, mixed use and high-speed rail projects and Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam airports

Delivering sustainability with renewable energy: meeting growing demand

  •     Identifying methods to effectively invest in energy sources across solar, wind, geothermal and waste-to-energy 
  •     Gaining exposure to the emerging, nascent energy efficiency sectors 
  •     Incorporating renewable energy technology as a financial instrument: measuring need, demand and projected returns
  •     Reviewing ongoing and anticipated renewable projects and efficiency measures – schools, mosques, and all public buildings occupyingReserved for sponsor

Afternoon break



The NEOM metropolis: delivering beyond the ambition and vision and preparing for innovation domination

  •     Measuring the projected impact on international trade relations and the projected outcomes for investors: KSA, Egypt and Jordan
  •     Gaining exposure and evaluating the financial instruments for accessing this asset class
  •     Looking to the SoftBank vision fund: AI, automated transportation, passenger drones, smart real estate: using these high-tech sectors to diversify portfolios
  •     Allocating foreign capital strategically, gauging investment potential and the projected rate of returns in tech

‘Internetisation’ and the evolving information and sharing economies

  •     Accessing the region’s largest IT market, steady growth and positive forecasts
  •     Explaining what the information economy and its digital infrastructure means for institutional investors as an asset class
  •     Revealing the emerging opportunities: the cloud, machine learning and IoT
  •     Which segments offer the best rates of return for investors?Reserved for sponsor


Panel discussion

Investor Panel: Future economic forces: alpha generation for generation alpha

  •     Reviewing the economic structural improvements required for the next generation – where are the opportunities in innovation, real estate and entertainment?
  •     Addressing the market opportunities available to meet the demand of the under 30s. Exploiting the rising consumer purchasing power 
  •     Appreciating innovation as a catalytic driver for youth empowerment – what will come next?
  •     Navigating areas for SRI investment to secure the longevity of Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification and growth

Close of summit and after-hours networking function

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