Our Story


The Middle East region offers abundant potential to raise capital.


Regional family offices are well endowed and looking for sophisticated, diversified investment opportunities around the world. The pension market is nascent but fast emerging and the pure size of SWF assets, makes them a prime target for the world’s most influential managers.


For the past 18 years, fund managers and capital raisers have come to the region and successfully raised money at the Middle East Investment Summit.


“The diversity of attendees is beyond exceptional with delegates coming from every corner of the world.”




In this region, relationships matter.

Fund managers who come with the right strategy with the intention to build long term partnerships can be successful.

For nearly 2 decades we have been helping fund managers to build firm relationships with the region’s biggest institutional and private investors.

Over the years we have hosted some of the world’s greatest money managers; including John Paulson, Bill Ackman and Michael Hintze.

These industry leaders attend the Middle East Investment Summit because some of the world’s largest investors are in attendance and looking for new allocation strategies and mandates for the year ahead.

We have been fortunate to be the stewards of an event that for 18 years has reflected the psyche of Middle East institutional and private investors.

With over $3 trillion of wealth in annual attendance, we are looking for innovative fund managers and solution providers who can help these investors diversify their portfolios.


Join us in May as we continue the pursuit to facilitate and secure market outperformance and portfolio management excellence in the year ahead.