Middle East Investment Summit 2018 Day 2



Keynote: Inflation, reflation, deflation - navigating economic instability

  •     Examining the wider catalytic forces determining the global economic change shaping the future of the financial markets 
  •     Overcoming today’s challenges and focusing on understanding the future – preparing for tomorrow’s projected opportunities
  •     Deploying capital in a low yield environment most effectively
  •     Reviewing the fluid rate of inflation and the impact on portfolios
Hussein Sayed

Pension Fund Panel: Rearranging the Central Bank balance sheet: evaluating Q.E, monetary and fiscal policy

  •     Reacting to the transforming monetary and fiscal policies
  •     Adapting to decisions made on Q.E. and meeting the challenge of the sustained low return environment 
  •     Examining the effects on capital markets as the central banks decrease monetary stimulus
  •     What will the new economic cycle look like, what can investors expect at the close of 2018?
Andrew McCaffery

Keynote: Tactical positioning in stabling markets: recovery and reformation

  • Reviewing regulatory reforms and the effect of long term structural trends
  • Evaluating key influential factors and disruptors in 2018, shrinking working age populations, potential growth rates in advanced economies, reimagined corporate governance and overvalued US stocks
  • Assembling a winning portfolio while considering the paradigm shifts destabilising the world
  •  Identifying the improved global financial systems and addressing the challenges and opportunities for investors
  • Generating alpha over benchmarks to meet growth objectives

Keynote: Preparing for the next cycle: are portfolios ready?

  •     What does the post crisis cycle look like for investors 10 years on?
  •     Discovering the outperforming strategies and the opportunities in international markets
  •     Reacting to the exceeded inflation – where are the benefits?
  •     Avoiding previous mistakes in allocating assetsReserved for platinum sponsor 

Networking break


Morning tea

11:20 Streams begin: attendees can visit any of the conferences below





Panel Seeking alpha in the healthcare market

  •     Where are the most lucrative opportunities in developed international healthcare markets to deploy assets?
  •     Escaping traditional investment vehicles in the space: reviewing opportunities across private equity and mutual funds
  •     Considering alternative derivatives across biotech, medical tourism, healthcare real estate – where are the emerging spaces?

Panel Evolving allocations in the face of political ambiguity - looking to old and new risks

  •     Anticipating lower interest rates while reacting to emerging risks masked by excess liquidity
  •     Evaluating the potential dollar shortage and rethinking the growing amounts of global debt 
  •     Looking at the long-term opportunities and securing portfolio resilience for the 2018 investor

Panel Hedge funds: shock absorption for the risk-averse investor

  •     Reviewing the hedge fund of 2018 thus far
  •     Capitalising on anticipated growth
  •     Exploring alternative and outperforming hedge fund strategies
  •     Examining the new wave of boutique funds
  •     Why has there been evidence of lower returns?

EdTech: an SRI revolution

  •     Evaluating the innovation trends that are driving capital into the EdTech market
  •     Discovering the demographic forces keeping EdTech a prominent emerging alternative
  •     Examining the new technological demands of millennial learner and the digital technologies required
  •     Defining return potential from this growing alternative asset class

Adapting to changing market regimes: co- investing capabilities

  •     Harnessing the benefits of working directly alongside other large-scale investors
  •     Reacting quickly to co-investment opportunities
  •     Looking to the most successful co-investment deals and transactions

Navigating the risk/return spectrum

  •     Reviewing approaches outside ‘traditional’ hedge fund structures
  •     Adopting diversifying return drivers from reinsurance to arbitrage
  •     Using quantitative and factor based strategies to dilute overcrowding 
  •     Reviewing alternative beta, hedge fund of funds, to lessen downside risk 

Accelerating ‘AgInvesting’

  •     Exploring agricultural supply chains, ecosystems, commodities and the benefits of stabilising economies
  •     Achieving the optimum diversified global portfolio based on the current cultural needs – where are the best opportunities for FDI?
  •     Utilising direct vs listed investment vehicles in the sector
  •     Examining how far agricultural commodities can deliver returns resilient to inflation and offer long-term views for growth

Impact investing in modern portfolio theory

  •     Highlighting initiatives for responsible investment and incorporating the strategy into MPT 
  •     Recognising the wider importance of impact investing - highlighting the importance and the benefits
  •     What do the next generations of impact investors care about and what will impact investing look like in 2030?
  •     Weighing up the implications for MENA

Paradigms shifts: the future of hedge fund allocation

  •     Reviewing the technological landscape ahead and the influence of contemporary structural changes and trends
  •     Is the industry ready for computer driven hedge funds? 
  •     Will there be any effect on allocated long term institutional capital?

ESG investing: advancing the 21st century portfolio

  •     Recognising the continually evolving factors/disruptors in ESG asset classes 
  •     Supplementing existing investment processes alongside clear investor enjoyment
  •     Considering the potential material risks to security valuation and understanding the financial impact
  •     Valuing markets and companies for initial investment opportunitiesReserved for sponsor

Absolute return strategies: seeking alpha in 2018

  •     Building intelligent portfolios based on where global influencers are focusing
  •     Adjusting to the changing political and economic conditions 
  •     Strategies for protecting investor capital in bear markets
  •     Using absolute returns to generate returns while controlling risk and reaching performance objectivesReserved for sponsor

The potential for hedge funds in an uncertain industry environment?

  •     Placing long term capital in this investment vehicle to achieve maximum returns
  •     Securing ‘value added’ for investor satisfaction 
  •     Selecting hedge funds and allocating capital directly to the managerReserved for sponsor


Keeping the human touch relevant: robotic collaboration

Analysing manager skill vs luck

Aligning infrastructure asset classes with long term goals

Family offices: trends and opportunities in 2018

Is 60/40 still relevant?

Public vs private equity

Beyond traditional indexing: innovation in ETF markets and strategy

AI and trading – what are the implications?

Energy sector funds and the correlation between developed market and energy growth


Networking lunch





Panel Digital Darwinism: the digital investor

  •     When technology and society evolve faster than an organisation can adapt, what are the challenges and disruptors for investment ecosystems?
  •     Adopting digital transformation initiatives and sourcing specific human capital support
  •     Automation and machine learning: removing emotion and biases - the impact on ROI
Siddharth Kumar, Director, Imperium Global

Panel Avoiding correlated assets: achieving uncorrelated returns

  •     Evaluating outperforming diversifying methodologies and vehicles  
  •     Determining assets with negative correlations
  •     Taking advantage of dry powder

Panel Will the credit market bubble burst?

  •     Assessing the effect of uncertain equity markets and the current benign credit cycles 
  •     What does it mean for investor portfolios?
  •     What will the landscape look like if it does?

Is data becoming the new oil?

  •     Highlighting the opportunities in generating big data
  •     Future of data science and analytics – generating and securing data
  •     Digitally tracing investment trends to make sounder decisions – having a ‘gods eye view’ of the financial markets
  •     The impact of the ‘data economy’ on investors – examining old and new risks

Portfolio protection in toxic, benign markets

  •     With the measure of volatility at an all-time low, should investors be concerned? 
  •     Examining market dangers - toxic positioning, aggressive hunt for yield and short volatility positioning
  •     Using volatility to protect portfolios - looking for correlations
  •     When can we expect the period of low volatility to end?

Today’s credit markets: challenges and opportunities

  •     Evaluating key trends shaping the current environment 
  •     Reviewing investor challenges 
  •     Looking to opportunities in debt funds and distressed and private debt
  •     Achieving higher levels of transparency, effective methods of risk management and secure governance
  •     Understanding competition for capital in the credit markets

The value of Blockchain: an investor’s guide

  •     Using the cryptographic distributed ledger to secure transactions, establish smart contracts and transfer asset ownership
  •     Leaping forward with technology, keeping strategies, risk and business models up to pace with western contemporaries
  •     Exploring advantages of the extreme volatility of the asset classes supported by blockchain

Illiquidity and creating the perfect vehicle blends

  •     Exploiting the ‘best of both worlds’ approach to incorporating illiquidity into portfolios – public vs private equity 
  •     Reconfirming the advantages of illiquidity, which assets provide the highest illiquidity premium – are there enough to go around?
  •     What due diligence needs to be taken when adding illiquidity to portfolios 

EM debt: resilience and recovery

  •     Economic factors supporting the rise of opportunity in EM debt markets. Taking a selective and preemptive approach
  •     Looking to commodity prices, structural reforms and cheaper currencies as stabilising fundamentals across the asset class
  •     What are the risks for investor portfolios? 

Robotics and AI for investing

  •     Exploring the new world of unstructured data
  •     Discovering how to apply artificial intelligence to finance
  •     Considering machine Learning for investing: sentiment, alpha extraction, optimally learnt strategies

Rethinking traditional diversification strategies

  •     Looking beyond typical strategies for optimum diversification
  •     Facilitating the adoption of emerging approaches
  •     Meeting the needs of individual goals
  •     When is enough diversification enough?Reserved for sponsor

US corporate debt for the foreign investor

  •     Reviewing the opportunities for foreign investors
  •     Satisfying appetite for higher-yielding debt and lower risk premium in low interest rate environments
  •     Securing the right bonds: corporate vs government – a comparisonReserved for sponsor





Panel Population fluctuation: impact on financial markets

  •     Examining the implications of the aging population of the West 
  •     Discussing the effect of the rising ratio of dependent to working population and longer life expectancies
  •     Reacting to the flood of equities and bonds due to the forced selling of retirement plans 
  •     Reviewing the challenges met by institutional investors worldwide as a result

Panel Assessing external macro factors – what is the ‘market sentiment’ for the investor?

  •     Looking to the growing influence of the developing world on markets
  •     Reviewing regulatory changes, developing economic cycles and technological disruption
  •     Debating collaboration rather than competition across institutional capital

Panel Enticing equity markets

  •     Where are the geographical regions and industry sectors with the most promise?
  •     How are institutional investors using ETFs – discussing the sweet spots and new strategies to exploit these markets
  •     Exploring the ‘next generation ETF’
  •     Utilising smart beta strategies in ETF exposure – what are the risks?

Emerging technology: embracing innovation

  •     Studying the strategies employed for investing in tech
  •     Extrapolating geographical and investment advantages
  •     Increasing allocation from early to growth stage to established tech companies and products: benefits and risks
  •     Are digital and technological investments living up to the hype?

Climate change and the physical risks to real assets

  •     Appraising and mitigating risks posed by changing climates
  •     Protecting portfolios and carbon sensitive assets from extreme climate change
  •     Implementing climate considerations to portfolios and reviewing regulatory reforms 
  •     Considering sustainability investments for both ESG purposes and seeking higher returns  

The 2018 outlook for commodities

  •     Keeping a bullish approach for the asset class in the evolving economic landscape
  •     Considering effects of Trump and US congress legislation stimulating growth and inflation on commodity value
  •     Which sectors are experiencing head or tail winds – where are the largest opportunities?

Social capital markets: the sharing economy driving overall value

  •     Acting upon this paradigm shift and making promising long-term investments
  •     Capturing returns in an increasingly connected world
  •     Accessing sharing economy exposure
  •     Assessing sectors/industries at risk as a result of new and disruptive business models

The shift from physical to tangible, how the knowledge economy is driving inflation

  •     Determining how far the rise and expansion of intangible assets is steering secular inflation
  •     Shifting from physical to tangible assets, what are the risks for advanced and developing economies
  •     What returns are investors in these environments experiencing?
  •     Is secular stagnation here to stay?

Active vs passive investing – time to take both approaches?

  •     Considering active vs passive approaches to generate alpha over benchmarks to meet growth objectives
  •     Using this strategy to avoid behavioural biases   
  •     What are the advantages for employing both strategies?

Embracing the technological revolution: preparing for a digital, millennial-run future

  •     Reviewing how tech-savy millennials are forcing a shift in strategies and systems
  •     Harnessing the sense of ‘trust’ built between millennials and technology
  •     Reviewing the benefits and risks of multidisciplinary managers 
  •     Preparing for the new wave of investors and managers. 
  •     Considering the impact on business models, returns and wider expectationsReserved for sponsor

Establishing a modern, fixed income portfolio

  •     Analysing current macro factors impacting the 2018 investor and fixed income assests
  •     What signs should investors be looking out for in fluid/uncertain political and economic landscape?
  •     Deciding the asset classes with exposure to high returns and low risk through 2018 Reserved for sponsor

Accepting innovation: digital trading

  •     Using trading innovation to make decision based on data collection
  •     Reviewing how unconventional ETF allocations can absorb risks and maintain long term focus
  •     Exploring the innovative investment tools available to discover profitable opportunitiesReserved for sponsor 

End of conference day two


Closing networking refreshments

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