Chee Keong Tan | Deputy Director
S.M.R.T. Corp | Singapore

Chee Keong Tan, Deputy Director, S.M.R.T. Corp

Chee Keong is the Head of Future Systems (FS) in SMRT Corporation Ltd. In this role, Chee Keong is leading a team that focuses on ensuring the acquisition of new capabilities required to support high levels of rail reliability for SMRT Trains in the future. Digitalisation of the rail network through the introduction of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities across SMRT Trains will be some of the key focus areas of FS. His role is critical in harnessing the benefits of integrated systems and engineering efforts to enhance SMRT Trains’ reliability and commuters’ safety through exploring new engineering initiatives and project implementation.
Chee Keong has closed to 20 years of engineering and maintenance expertise in the aerospace industry. He joins SMRT from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) where he was responsible for all the aerodynamics and aero-systems issues in the RSAF where he developed airworthiness and maintenance policies, provided engineering support, modifications and capability development for aircraft platforms. He has also been actively involved in academia as a mentor for students from educational institutions and works closely with institutions on research collaborations.
Chee Keong holds a Doctor of Philosophy from Cranfield University and a Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering) from National University of Singapore.


Rail live Day 2 @ 14:20

The convergent railway: marrying track and rolling stock for a comprehensive maintenance system

  • How SMRT are using fibre optic technology to deliver highly precise maintenance information
  • The Wifi structure making this system possible
  • Building toward a fully automated maintenance system

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