Ms Marta Fontecha | Business Development - Transport Division
Teltronic S.A.U.

Ms Marta Fontecha, Business Development - Transport Division, Teltronic S.A.U.

Educated as a telecommunications engineer, Marta Fontecha has been working for Teltronic since 1998. She is a widely experienced TETRA Design Manager, participating in the very beginnings of the design of the TETRA products of this company. During years, she has been head of several R&D teams to develop TETRA products, services, applications and professional solutions for critical communications. Currently, she is in charge of the Transport and Utilities division of the Teltronic Business Development Area. Marta is also the Teltronic representative in the TETRA Assoc. Technical Forum and she is responsible for the Teltronic interoperability activities within the TETRA Association interoperability process.

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