Dr Anna-Karin Maltais | Chief Scientific Officer
Eurocine Vaccines AB

Dr Anna-Karin Maltais, Chief Scientific Officer, Eurocine Vaccines AB

Dr. Maltais is an immunologist by training and holds a Ph.D. in Immunobiology from the Karolinska Institute, where she focused on vaccine adjuvants and vaccine delivery. She has previously worked as Vice President, Corporate Development at Cyto Pulse Sciences Inc., a U.S. company focusing on vaccine administration by electroporation. Dr. Maltais has been managing clinical trials of new vaccines for several years and has solid experience in vaccine development. She has been employed at Eurocine Vaccines as Business Development Manager since 2011 and is the Head of Research and Development (Chief Scientific Officer, CSO) since September of 2012.



Day One 10th Oct Human, Vet, Immune @ 11:45

Clinical development of a nasal inactivated influenza vaccine

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