2A Pharma

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2A Pharma is a Swedish biotech company with research facilities in Denmark. The company has a patented, highly novel and innovative vaccine platform based on adeno-associated virus-like particles (AAVLPs) that assemble into viral capsids without containing viral genomes; hence they are replicative-defective and non-pathogenic. The viral capsid has repetitive immunogenic sites, which can be modified to encompass antigenic epitopes for a protein of interest, generating an antibody response where both the innate and the adaptive immune systems are activated.
The pipeline consists of six prophylactic and/or therapeutic vaccines.
The lead drug candidate is a human papilloma virus vaccine based on AAVLPs with insertion of the L2 minor HPV capsid protein, providing protection against all tested HPV strains and is formulated without adjuvants. Preclinical studies are completed with no adverse observations and very high antibody titers were measured in all subjects. Phase 1 first-in-human trials are planned for 2018.