Dr Thomas W Scott | Distinguished Professor
University of California Davis

Dr Thomas W Scott, Distinguished Professor, University of California Davis

My research focuses on epidemiology of mosquito-borne disease, mosquito ecology, evolution of mosquito-pathogen interactions, and evaluation of novel products and strategies for disease control. I aim to generate the detailed, difficult to obtain data that are necessary for assessing current recommendations for disease prevention, rigorously testing fundamental assumptions in public health policy, and developing innovative, cost, and operationally effective strategic concepts for prevention of mosquito-borne disease.


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 3:10

How can vaccines and vector control be integrated and used synergistically in a control program

·         Clinical development challenges associated with the design and conduct of emerging epidemic trials

·         Current status of Zika Vaccine candidates in Clinical Development

·         Geographical Considerations: Epidemiology v Trial Locations

·         Considerations for Zika Vaccine Clinical Development Strategy

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