Dr Michael Kalos | Chief Scientific Officer, Cancer Immunobiology
Eli Lilly and Company

Dr Michael Kalos, Chief Scientific Officer, Cancer Immunobiology, Eli Lilly and Company

Dr. Kalos joined Eli Lilly In October 2013. As a member of Lilly’s Research Oncology Division, Michael leads preclinical and translational efforts to develop a Cancer Immunotherapy Program at Eli Lilly. Current efforts are focused on establishing and steering preclinical development of the existing internal pipeline, establishing a robust and integrated program to discover and develop immunotherapy at Eli Lilly, and developing external relationships with key academic centers to augment internal expertise and capabilities.
Dr. Kalos is a recognized international key thought leader in the fields of immunotherapy and biomarkers, with over 20 years experience in immunotherapy spanning biotech, academia, and big pharma. He has authored multiple high-impact primary and review articles as well as book chapters in the field of cancer immunotherapy, has been an invited speaker at national and international scientific meetings, a member of institutional, and corporate scientific advisory boards, and is an active member of steering committees for international immunotherapy societies and working groups.


DC Plenary Day April 3 @ 4:10

Executive cancer panel: How will recent breakthroughs in immuno-oncology determine cancer vaccine and combinational treatments?

  • The significance of check point inhibitors, oncolytic viruses neoantigens, CAR T-cells and ACT on cancer immunotherapy progress
  • Supporting evidence from combinational studies
  • The role of cancer vaccines in the future of combinational approaches

DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 2:40

State of the art and novel approaches to T Cell Vaccines

  • How have recent advances in immunotherapy provided a path forward for T-Cell Vaccines?
  • Biomarkers for T-cell strategies

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