Dr Allan B Dietz | Director, Immune, Progenitor, and Cell Therapeutics (IMPACT), Division of Transfusion Medicine
Mayo Clinic and Foundation

Dr Allan B Dietz, Director, Immune, Progenitor, and Cell Therapeutics (IMPACT), Division of Transfusion Medicine, Mayo Clinic and Foundation

Allan B. Dietz, Ph.D. is the Director of IMPACT (Immune, Progenitor, and Cellular Therapeutics) a GMP facility at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. This facility is the equivalent of a Mayo Clinic Drug Company charged with identifying, translating, and implementing the use of cells as drugs. Dr. Dietz has established multiple cell therapy platforms that offer physicians across multiple disciplines an opportunity to treat patients with investigational cell therapies. The cancer vaccine (immunotherapy) platform is currently treating patients in clinical trials for NHL, GBM, Melanoma, and Ovarian cancer. The stem cell (MSC) platform is currently being evaluated in multiple indications across thirteen independent trials.  Across the entire effort, we are approaching treating our 500th patient manufacturing approximately 1000 doses of cells for some of the most difficult to treat diseases.  Technology from the lab has resulted in more than 100 papers published, multiple patent applications and technology licenses, and two start-up companies with direct ties to the technology from the lab.


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 3:40

Hollow microneedles for use in delivery of cancer vaccines

  • Delivery to appropriate target tissue is critical to control the safety and effectiveness of vaccines 
  • We have used a new product developed by 3M to consistently for intradermal delivery of a cellular vaccine 
  • The unit is easy to load and deliver the product 
  • Our autologous DC vaccine using this product has shown evidence of efficacy for newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients.

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