Hong Kong's Customer Festival 2014,MIRA Hotel, Hong Kong
Customer strategy for all brands in Greater China - Hong Kong's Customer Festival 2014

Dr Toa Charm | Founder & Chairperson, BI and Big Data SIG
Hong Kong Computer Society

Dr Toa Charm, Founder & Chairperson, BI and Big Data SIG, Hong Kong Computer Society

Dr. Charm is one of the few veterans in Asia with both practical experience and deep research knowledge on strategy, management and big data.  He has gained more than 25 years of senior management, marketing, consulting and executive training experience from leading multinational and Chinese companies. Dr. Charm was former Regional Head, Business Intelligence Competency Centre, Asia Pacific, HSBC; former Associate Partner, Greater China, IBM Global Business Services; former General Manager, Business Intelligence, Greater China, Oracle and Hyperion; former General Manager, Asia Pacific, Kingdee International.    Dr. Charm is the Principal Strategist and Director of Big Data Elite Asia based in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  Big Data Elite Asia leverages on big data to innovate new business models for its clients in Asia, nurture and invest on big data start-ups in Asia by providing them advices and funding, and provide big data, e-Business and digital marketing training programs to clients in Asia.   Dr. Charm specializes in strategic management, digital strategy, big data, business models innovation, customer experience management, Chinese enterprises internationalization, marketing strategy and digital marketing.  Apart from possessing DBA, MBA and B.Sc. qualification, Dr. Charm also completed a number of senior executive programs from Harvard, MIT, UC-Berkeley, CEIBS and Fudan University.  He is also a Certified BI Professional (CBIP) of TDWI in the US and completed a Big Data Certification Program of MIT Sloan School of Management.  Dr. Charm is an author of two books on strategy and big data (to be published in 2014).  

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Appearances coming up:

Premium Conference, Tuesday, 2 September 2014

@ 15.30

L1: Emotional engagement in brand loyalty [by Ashok Sethi, Managing Director, GFK CE China & Alice He, Product Manager BaCE, GFK China]

L2: O2O Online & Offline integration on customer experience management for customer relationship excellence [by Jason Chu, Chairman, Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium]

D1: Driven freemium strategy – Rewarding your most valuable customers for FREE while still generating great PROFIT [by Dr Toa Charm, Founder & Chairperson, BI and Big Data SIG, Hong Kong Computer Society]

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