Hong Kong's Customer Festival 2014,MIRA Hotel, Hong Kong
Customer strategy for all brands in Greater China - Hong Kong's Customer Festival 2014

Mr Ashok Sethi | Managing Director – GfK Consumer Experiences, China

Mr Ashok Sethi, Managing Director – GfK Consumer Experiences, China, GfK

Ashok heads GfK’s custom research business in China, leading a team of experienced researchers to develop close relationships with marketing companies. Ashok also leads GfK’s efforts to enhance its relationship with clients through superior product and analytical offers in the APAC region. His responsibilities include development and deployment of marketing science expertise, customizing GfK products and solutions to the needs of the clients in this region and providing thought leadership on consumer trends and insights.

Before taking this position Ashok has held various senior positions including Managing Director for TNS China and Regional Director for Methodology and Best Practice for Asia, Latin America and Middle-East. Ashok is a graduate in mathematics and also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has been in China for the past 10 years and has 30 years of experience in market research.

Ashok had the good fortune of being exposed both to qualitative and quantitative research. In addressing clients’ marketing problems, he tries to bring the complementary strengths of the two disciplines along with an understanding of the rapidly changing environment and consumer trends, to provide an integrated solution and action plan. His special area of strength is to put the various sources of info together and provide integrated and incisive solutions to the clients.

He has been a frequent speaker at international events, has presented research papers at the World Readership Symposia, is an active speaker on Asian and Chinese consumer trends at various industry and marketing forums.

He writes a regular blog about China and India at http://chindiamusings.blogspot.com/

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Premium Conference, Tuesday, 2 September 2014

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L1: Emotional engagement in brand loyalty [by Ashok Sethi, Managing Director, GFK CE China & Alice He, Product Manager BaCE, GFK China]

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D1: Driven freemium strategy – Rewarding your most valuable customers for FREE while still generating great PROFIT [by Dr Toa Charm, Founder & Chairperson, BI and Big Data SIG, Hong Kong Computer Society]

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