J.W. Logistics, LLC

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Consumers are demanding faster delivery of products; which has created demand for enhanced final-mile delivery solutions. This consumer demand is changing retail supply chains and is primarily driven by e-commerce. 
J.W. Logistics, LLC (JWL) partners with some of the largest e-commerce companies to design unique technology and delivery solutions so that customers receive their orders faster and more efficiently than ever before. We are obsessed with our customers and we understand that website traffic has become a pivotal element of a retailer’s overall success. 
Positioning product closer to the customer, shortening the delivery window from order to delivery, comprehensive technology integration and visibility throughout the life of an order are critical success factors to effectively compete as a retailer in today’s climate. 
JWL is committed to exceptional service and speed to customer, working as an extension of our customer’s business and ultimately to our customer’s brand perception.