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HausBoxx – Haus Guardin’ at Your Doorstep
HausBoxx was designed to better protect our home and support our busy lifestyle in peace. Providing a locked area for our packages that 1) doesn’t allow entry into our homes 2) makes thieves think twice before trying to steal our packages and 3) easily frees us to accept “windows” for delivery of our parcels, whether it’s the grocer needing to keep things cool or the pharmacy needing security and privacy. No more need to ask your neighbors to pick up your packages or receive and refrigerate your groceries. HausBoxx is the revolutionary Haus Guardin’ solution engineered to give each one of us the "peace of mind” where you want it most… at our doorstep. “Coming home never felt this good.”
The number of packages delivered to homes continues to grow exponentially as an on-demand economy requires more and more businesses to deliver goods rapidly, frequently, and to their customers’ doorsteps. This rise in at-haus deliveries has created an alarming increase in package thefts by random “Porch Pirates” looking for their opportunities – unguarded homes. 11 million homeowners have had a package stolen from their porch within the last year. In addition to non-perishable packages, grocery and pharmacy at-haus deliveries reach a growing number of customers every day. The convenience of not having to go to the store is a game-changer; however, the challenge remains how to prevent theft and effectively get around the typical two-hour delivery window time-sink.
HausBoxx solves these problems. HausBoxx is a smart secure delivery bench that allows couriers to use patent pending technologies to first open, place their customers package and then securely lock their deliveries for safety. You can track each step with the secure corresponding phone app that cannot only keep track of expected packages but alerts the user when a new delivery arrives. HausBoxx keeps perishable deliveries cool. Added features allow you to select interchangeable outer covers to provide better camouflaging or personalization options so that HausBoxx looks like it was made just for your Haus or is hiding in plain sight.
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