Bringoz, Inc

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Bringoz, Demand Driven Logistics Platform

Elastic logistics | Customer-Centric | Last Mile | On-Demand 

Bringoz is a technology platform for demand-driven logistics, streamlining the logistics processes for shippers and connecting them with additional supply,  we provide our customers a robust logistics infrastructure enabling them with the same logistics technology capabilities as Amazon, allowing them to compete in today's demand-driven landscape. 

Bringoz is a holistic ecosystem, a modular SaaS technology platform for enterprises, providing end-to-end solutions to logistic oriented business, the platform serves a wide variety of verticals: retailers, food, and freight, synchronizes between the various needs of different parties involved (shippers, carriers, customers, management, dispatcher, and drivers) to create a balanced, cost-effective and productive working environment. 

Bringoz provides real-time elastic capabilities, with strategic value and creates an optimal and superior delivery solution to streamline operations, maximize assets and lowering operational costs, all while achieving maximum efficiency.