Geoff Kneale | Executive Director
Click n Collect Pty Ltd

Geoff Kneale, Executive Director, Click n Collect Pty Ltd

Always focussed on delivering innovation to retail and logistics, for over 20 years Geoff has delivered.

In 2000, Geoff was awarded the Australian Federal Government’s Product Excellence Award for Innovative Product Development and Commercialization.

In the competitive North American automotive market, Geoff drove new efficiency systems through the AAA that delivered both new revenue streams and enhanced customer efficiencies to the AAA’s 55 plus million members.

More recently, as a founding partner in Click n Collect, Geoff and his team have achieved remarkable international success with their grocery, parcel, general merchandise and laundry e-commerce locker systems.

Retailers no longer need to open new bricks and mortar stores to achieve more market reach. Click n Collect’s e-commerce lockers are sweeping across the retail world. Located either indoors or outdoors, the lockers provide customers with secure 24/7 access to their purchases.

Combining premium quality outdoor locker systems with highly innovative software solutions, Click n Collect is now delivering retailers with a new, more effective method of customer delivery while achieving greater market share, lower shipping costs and higher ROIs. Click n Collect is truly delivering win/wins to the retail world.

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