Chuck Johnston | COO

Chuck Johnston, COO,


Home Delivery World Day 1 @ 15:15

Panel: What is the correct formula to ensure that your omnichannel is done right?

  • What does it take to successfully integrate stores with digital?
  • How can the physical store be leveraged to help ensure that omnichannel is done right?
  • Endless aisle solution: Understanding what it takes, what to avoid and how to make it a success
  • Exploring current trends and addressing future implications

Home Delivery World Day 2 @ 11:10

Panel: Returns are viewed as a burden and a waste – how can we view them as an opportunity instead?

  • Analyzing ways to treat returned products as an opportunity to grow long term revenue
  • Feeding returned products back into production to realize maximum cost advantages
  • Taking an omnichannel approach to reverse logistics by deploying fully integrated systems that can track online and offline purchases
  • Reselling, remanufacturing and recycling products to reclaim their individual costs

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