Chris Davin | VP & Lead GBS Client Partner

Chris Davin, VP & Lead GBS Client Partner, I.B.M.

Chris joined IBM in 2013 and is currently a Global Consumer Industry Vice
President responsible for growing our “Cognitive Supply Chain” business. Prior
to taking on this role Chris led our Global Business Services team at Walmart,
Inc. for multiple years.
For the past 2 decades Chris’ professional interest has focused uncovering new
uses for analytics in driving retail and consumer performance improvement and
process reinvention. He has led partnerships with multiple retailers in driving true
cross-functional transformation – including a multi-year supply chain
transformation at a major category killer format in the US.
Now Chris is working with our global teams to engage with c-suite executives
about the potential for machine learning and big data as drivers of the next big
wave of change.
Chris’ background spans Marketing, Merchandising, Inventory Management,
Supply Chain, Store Operations and eCommerce.

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