Ben Chesler | Co-founder & COO
Imperfect Produce

Ben Chesler, Co-founder & COO, Imperfect Produce

Ben Chesler is a food waste entrepreneur who is actively working to change the food system to reduce waste and increase the amount of affordable produce that is available to consumers.  After co-founding the largest student movement against hunger and food waste, Ben moved into the for-profit space with his newest venture, Imperfect Produce.  At Imperfect, Ben is creating a supply chain of "ugly" produce that would normally go to waste on farms, and turning that byproduct into a product that can be sold to consumers.  Customers get a box of produce delivered to their door for 30% less than grocery store prices.  Ben lives and breathes operations and can often be found tinkering with processes in the warehouse to make them better.  Ben firmly believes that efficient and innovative logistics is the best way to solve the world's toughest problems.  

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