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Chieh Huang

Keynote address: Delivering the warehouse club to your door - Technological and operations processes that help to transform the industry

  • What products to sell: Challenges in ensuring the “snacks and stuff” orders get to customers in excellent condition
  • Using technology to yield an efficient pick/pack/ship process
  • Utilizing a varied group of carriers to provide the highest levels of service
Tim Lowe

Keynote address: Rebuilding brick & mortar - Keeping up with omnichannel demand from consumers

  • Streamlining instore fulfillment using small data analytics
  • Click & collect initiatives catered to the customer experience
  • Selecting B2B & home delivery partners while keeping brand recognition in place
  • Management of eCommerce order picking to keep up with ‘buy from anywhere’ demand
Chris Bryson

Keynote address: The future of the shopping experience, looking 5 years out

  • How consumer behavior trends have evolved in the past few years in terms of media consumption, device adoption, and why it matters to the grocery experience
  • A look into the new technologies & mediums to advance those trends (bluetooth/connected kitchen, voice, wearables, augmented reality)
  • Implications of these technologies & trends on the importance of personalization
  • How grocers can defend against players like Amazon who are leading the charge in these R&D areas
Chris Jones

Keynote address: The state of home delivery - A benchmark analysis of leading retailers

  • How leading retailers think differently about the value of home delivery to drive revenue growth
  • What home delivery-based customer engagement strategies and tactics create competitive advantage
  • Where are the revenue and service opportunities in the future for home delivery

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Final Mile

Case study: Beyond checkout - Perfecting the post-purchase experience

  • Consumers have 24hour access to brands, leading to enhanced expectations from retailers
  • Expected interaction throughout shopper lifecycle, not only during new product or sales push
  • How to extend your customers brand experience past checkout to deliveries and returns
  • Strengthen loyalty and bottom line through genuine brand interaction
Supply Chain / Tech & IT

Case study: Mobile as the omnichannel enabler - benefits derived from constant connectivity and gaps to be filled

  • Buy and sell from anywhere expanding consumer reach more than ever
  • Outside of home delivery – When you can buy from anywhere, why deliver to one place?
  • Working out the kinks – issues with tracking, delivery accuracy, and consumer connectivity

Case study: Compliance in cross border purchases

  • Understanding international borders: ensuring compliance with local regulations
  • Headaches to anticipate: exchange rates, alternative payment methods, taxes, customs and shipping
  • Shipping restrictions on exotic materials, including skins and fur
  • TPP (Trans-Pacific agreement) – what international policies do retailers need to know?

Case study: Reducing waste - Imperfect produce and the ugly food revolution

  • Combating hunger and negative effects on the earth by selling the 20-30% of discarded cosmetically unappealing produce grown each year
  • Sourcing produce direct from farmers to keep costs down
  • Upcoming partnerships with major grocers to get ugly produce in stores and reduce food waste
  • Fixed-schedule local deliveries - Pushing back against the same-day, 1-hour time window deliveries flooding the
Final Mile

Case study: Stores as fulfillment centers - Bulking up last mile capacity

  • Building out in store fulfillment centers to back Buy Online Delivery From Store (BODFS) capacity for customers
  • Enhancing interconnected retail while relieving pressure on delivery capacity
  • Simplifying the delivery schedule process to ease the process for customers
Supply Chain / Tech & IT

Case study: Streamlining your supply chain to maximize customer experience

  • Utilizing your supply chain partner’s inventory holding locations to reduce cycle time
  • Partnering with your provider to communicate delivery expectations to the consumer
  • Simplifying complex deliveries to reduce delivery time in the home

Case study: Europe - Breaking into smaller markets

  • Navigating trade and customs compliance with changing EU landscape
  • Reacting to fluctuating exchange rates within Europe
  • Setting up your DC operations and shipping routes

Case study: How eCommerce can lead the charge to eradicate food deserts

  • Offering a platform to those who want healthy food but don’t have access to it locally
  • Managing costs for low income families while maintaining profitability
  • Leveraging partnerships to offer variety to customers
  • How policy change can lead to more families having access to healthy food





Final Mile

Panel: The last mile - Winning the customer and protecting your brand in today's omnichannel world

  • Channel agnostic buyers & the omnichannel supply chain – implications for home delivery providers and supply chain networks
  • Critical importance of measuring and managing the customer experience in real time
  • Technology innovations in last mile delivery
  • Final mile as the key to success – explore how last mile delivery (and often installation) of large-format goods into the consumer’s home, is where the hearts and minds of shoppers are won.  
Supply Chain / Tech & IT

Case study: Identifying and addressing change indicators to foster continued operational efficiency

  • Knowing when to audit your operation to compare metrics against competitors
  • Properly cross training your labor force to keep up with business demand
  • Order fulfillment focus – mapping order process, dynamic slotting and up to date system design
  • Strong focus on customer service and communication
  • Tracking KPI measurements in inventory & order fulfillment

Case study: The business of logistics in the Middle East - Changing trends and new solutions

  • Facilitating the receiving, storage, staging and loading functions in port structure as well as customs clearance
  • Flow of information - utilizing cloud technology and smartphones as primary information tools due to the need for real-time visibility of supply chain information
  • Closer integration between third-party providers and their customers, resulting in an increased efficiency and improved relations with customer companies

Case study: Grocery sustainability - From farm to table

  • Reducing greenhouse gases from agriculture – livestock & fertilizer
  • Package recycling – compost, reusable materials, package pick up
  • Sustainable operations early in the supply chain
  • Food distributed from containers completely eliminating waste before products leave the store
  • No in store packaging



Supply Chain / Tech & IT

Case study: From order confirmation to delivery - Why brands need to rethink customer communications

  • Changing user behavior – traditional enterprises modernizing customer engagement as technology moves forward
  • Modern programmable communications are a must for the retail, travel and logistics industry
  • The pairing of existing customer communications with contextual communication API’s to enable you to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time and place

Case study: India - Challenges that arise with the eCommerce boom

  • Operational challenges of last-mile delivery in emerging markets in general and in India in particular;
  • The particularities of integrating sales and payment with delivery activities in markets with a high ratio of traditional, informal over modern, big box retail
  • Importance of hyper-local inventory in serving large, extremely dense, and highly congested urban markets at high quality in terms of service time and reliability

Case study: Green packaging - What to use and how to get customer backing

  • Using recyclable packaging material to reduce overall waste – compost
  • Ease of use for consumer
  • Reusable & collapsible freezer packages
  • Strategies to compel consumers to recycle/compost
  • Offering package pick up and impact on bottom line
Final Mile

Case study: Creating an effective supply chain strategy to support specialized white glove delivery

  • Integrating the supply chain to maximize margins
  • Role of brick & mortar in this competitive 'omni' world
  • Managing the consumer expectation for acceptable delivery service



1. Consumer Returns

Common return policies and fees and how brands can innovate to increase consumer engagement.

2. Transit speed

Managing the consumers expectations

4. Legacy loyalty v. the cloud

5. TL & LTL’s

The importance of the “middle mile” and its influence on a superior last mile experience

6. Inbound from Asia

Zone skipping to route small packages for cost effective delivery

7. Emerging Markets

The integration of alternative / innovative last-mile delivery services into the distribution networks of manufacturers and retailers in emerging market megacities

8. Creating efficiency

Reduce packaging cost and reach the consumer immediately with morning delivery
round tables






Final Mile

Case study: Holiday peak - Delivering in chaos & prepping for every obstacle

  • Streamlining your supply chain operations for the overloaded peak season
  • Where to spend – put more into final mile strategy, build out fleet & training workforce are key to holiday success
  • Managing mistakes – customer support, reverse flow & human error preparation
Supply Chain / Tech & IT

Case study: Neiman Marcus omnichannel heritage - from early pioneer to world class luxury retailer

• Original omnichannel model – catalogue and service model allowed the easy switch to eCommerce
• Leveraging non-traditional delivery ahead of the curve – delivering to urban markets on demand
• Emergence into furniture – catering the high end service to the furniture market
• What's next in omnichannel supply chain - the continued pursuit of excellence in a changing retail landscape
Willis Weirich, Global Logistics Manager, Neiman Marcus

Case study: Expanding beyond logistics – How to streamline customer strategies efficiently when establishing your brand in Mexico

  • Attracting customers in a market where less than a fifth of the population shops online
  • How to do business with customers without bank accounts
  • Finding the right partners to make sure customers receive their packages

Case study: Scaling click & collect beyond the store

  • Grow your click and collect reach
  • Cost effective alternative to Home Delivery
  • Allow your customer to pick up there groceries where they want to pick them up
  • Deliver in bulk to the unmanned fully automated facility
  • Allow customers to pick-up ambient, chilled and frozen grocery items
  • Configurable to meet  requirements



Final Mile

Panel: Subscription revolution - What's holding it back and how big a market share can they take?

  • A subscription for everything – A look into the array of products offered
  • From start to now – dealing with explosive growth and demand on operations
  • Perishables & packaging – time constraints and reducing waste
  • Sample enabled sales – how effective is this method?
  • Fragmented business model – launching on demand service to increase growth and capture the elusive consumer
  • Churn & retention – how to handle cancellation issues and changing policies in the subscription
Supply Chain / Tech & IT

Case study: Growing eCommerce and order fulfillment - Evaluate and implement a new WMS

  • Evaluate space and velocity requirements
  • Project future system needs and scalability for a growing company
  • Create seamless overstock to replenishment to picking
  • Improve pickable inventory forecasting and control  
  • Decrease handling costs and increase customer satisfaction through on time fulfillment

Case study: The cross border balance - eCommerce boom and reverse logistics between the US and Canada

  • Spike in Canadian eCommerce market creates increased need for logistical support in a fragmented landscape
  • Pick a partner – Pairing with Canadian shipping partners to ensure supply chain success
  • Reverse logistics – labor and shipping costs of handling Canadian returns to a US based operation

Case study: Establishing a successful click & collect operation when going omnichannel

  • Ease of use – customers receive call/email with confirmation
  • No delivery window – eliminate waiting times or possible spoiling food from sitting out in uncontrolled climate
  • Rolling out home delivery through click and collect and satellite locations
  • Keeping up inventory when pushing ecommerce sales through your brick & mortar stores
Supply Chain / Tech & IT

Case study: Transportation management systems - Optimizing transportation operations for maximum output

  • Reducing costs through better route planning, load optimization, carrier mix and mode selection.
  • Improving accountability with visibility into the transportation chain.
  • Providing greater flexibility to make changes in delivery plans.
  • Technology innovation to drive sustainability and fleet optimization

Case study: Overcoming LATAM political & geographical complexities to capitalize on the emerging market

  • Designing efficient transport markets to deal with fluctuating volumes, natural barriers, and long distances between regions
  • Navigating government controlled exchange rates, import duties, quotas & tax regulations
  • Segmenting the supply chain into clusters be region to increase productivity and keep costs down

Case study: Refrigerated lockers - Customer convenience reshaping click & collect

  • Buy online pick up in locker (BOPIL) – Customers can shop online and get food at their convenience
  • Refrigerated - Order online and pick up at high traffic areas while food stays fresh
  • Tech connection – notification to your mobile once order is ready for security of products
  • Payment systems – Cards, RFID, coins
Geoff Kneale, Executive Director, Click n Collect Pty Ltd


Paul Misener

Keynote address: A chance on innovation – Introducing new tech to revamp an old market

• new tech/delivery innovation and 
• how the market has responded to it
• what Amazon is doing to ensure that they do
Paul Misener, Vice President of Global Public Policy and Communications, Amazon.com
Mr Gokhan Cakmak

Keynote address: Building a sustainable logistics network

  • Moving beyond the PR value – How can a greener supply chain network really deliver savings
  • Communicating changes to your customer – Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Avoiding bad press while not getting trapped by “Greenwashing”
  • Case Study Example: How Oriflame Cosmetics achieved more while using less

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