Logistics Business Magazine

Logistics Business magazine is the only pan-European journal for this sector. Its editorial is dedicated to the best-in-class application of all aspects of technology and services spanning the entire supply chain — from materials handling and warehousing equipment to transport and distribution services, logistics solutions and packaging.

Logistics Business is now a bi-monthly journal, with issues published in February, May, September and November plus 2 further issues, in March and September, dedicated to software & IT hardware in the supply chain, under the Logistics Business IT title. The editorial content spans all aspects of the international supply chain.

The total readership of each issue exceeds 20,000. This is comprised of 9000 print copies to regular subscribers and new subscribers at all the major logistics and handling exhibitions internationally, 1500 subscribers to the Logistics Business App, plus over 10,000 readers of the digital edition on our website and from our eNewsletter link.