Shipedge is a modular and scalable cloud based solution to support Inventory Management and eCommerce Fulfillment for Multi-Channel and OmniChannel companies. Our software suite provides automation and workflow to increase operational efficiencies. 
Shipedge’s Order Management Solution (OMS) connects all possible inventory sources to many online selling channels. Shipedge routes orders to the best inventory location, deciding between Store shipping or Pick-up, Fulfillment Centers or partner Warehouses, including managing cross dock transfers from Distribution Centers. Other modules include Supplier Management and Inventory Forecasting.  Shipedge reduces inventory and shipping costs, while improving your customer experience. 
Shipedge’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed for eCommerce Fulfillment Centers.  Our WMS includes Barcoding technology, Smartphone Mobile Apps, Project Management, Packaging algorithms, Returns & Exchanges, Shipping Best-Rate, Lot/serial#/expiration Control and much more.  Shipedge uses cutting-edge web and wireless technologies to streamline and simplify operations while eliminating errors, optimizing space utilization and reducing labor costs.
Shipedge is the most comprehensive Operating System for OmniChannel Fulfillment Networks.