Consultech Preferred IC Consultants


Let’s face it, dealing with government agencies such as the IRS, the U.S. Department of Labor and State Departments of Labor can be an intimidating, daunting and an altogether overwhelming task for any company that has employees or engages the services of independent contractors.

After 25 years of being in the business of providing merely unemployment insurance cost management and claims processing services and representation, it was high-time for new beginnings and a time to reinvent ourselves. In 2011, we sold one corporation and started two others using the banner Consultech. One of the two companies newly created is geared towards employee related Human Resource consultative services i.e. regulatory compliance and representation on wage/hour claims and audits, responding to EEOC Claims, consulting on claims involving unemployment, development of job descriptions and Employee Handbooks, representation at Hearings and writing Appeals, along with other ancillary employee risk management reporting services including assistance with Stipulation/Settlement Agreements. These employee related SERVICES fall under the company named Consultech HR Advisors, LLC.

The other company that was started in 2011 is named Preferred IC Consultants, LLC. The core services from this company targets industries that tend to have greater challenges from regulatory agencies such as the State Departments of Labor the US Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service concerning the use of Independent Contractors. We provide Pro-Active (compliance services), as well as Re-Active Regulatory Administrative Legal representation Services by means of powers of attorney specific to each regulatory agency. We now have thirty (30) years of experience working with a variety of industries, although not exclusive, some of which include, the Transportation (courier, trucking, limousine, moving and storage companies), Healthcare, Professional Arts / Musicians, and IT Industries.

Preferred IC Consultants, LLC provides a myriad of services that have specifically been dealing with the use of independent contractors from not only a compliance standpoint (Pro-Active services) but also as authorized legal representatives before administrative state and federal agencies on claims and audits (Re-active services). While we are not a law firm, our years of experience and favorable results has avoided protracted litigation thus we have a very successful track record in keeping cases outside of the civil court system and have settled or disposed of such claims in a favorable manner. This has resulted in saving our clients millions of dollars in legal fees and settlement costs.