Sometimes circumstances bring people together when they may never have otherwise met. While searching for a technology solution to another issue, co-founders Dmitry Byk and Ariel Morales met, but decided instead to tackle the complex word of logistics and last mile delivery.
Delivery logistics has been a complicated industry for years; cumbersome software, difficulty locating workers, angry phone calls from customers. Chaskify was designed to make modern logistics easier to manage and use.
As a psychiatrist, Dmitry brings skills from the medical profession to help build a system tailored to how people think. Making it as easy as possible for users to understand the workings of the system. Ariel, brings extensive education and experience in software development and corporate operations to make the creation of an intuitive system possible.

Supported by a talented group of developers, Chaskify is looking to remake the last mile delivery and logistics industry into something simple so that companies can focus on what’s important, growing their business.