Parcel, Wednesday 18 April 2018

8:00 am Breakfast and registration

Scott DeGraeve

Chairperson's opening remarks

Scott DeGraeve, Former SVP, Principal, Former Peapod / Scott DeGraeve Consulting
Paul Misener

Keynote: Purposeful innovation at Amazon

  • The key to sustained innovation is being purposeful both in mission and process
  • Understanding the four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus; passion for invention; commitment to operational excellence and long-term thinking
  • Innovation, experimentation, and failure—what is the Amazon school of thought regarding this and how they ultimately lead to great development
  • With a particular focus on fulfillment operations and package deliveries, we will explore some of Amazon’s technological innovations and business innovations – some that employed existing internal expertise, others that required invention from scratch
Paul Misener, Vice President of Global Innovation Policy and Communications,, Inc.
Jason Lepes

Innovations within and beyond grocery last mile delivery – Where are we today and what’s next

  • Evaluating the current environment and profitability of grocery last mile delivery
  • Drones dropping boxes down our chimneys and marketplaces for everything – what will be the next massive improvements to service and convenience?
  • Exploring new innovations within and beyond the last mile through new brands, small businesses, and the Northeast’s busiest people
Jason Lepes, Vice President, Head of Merchandising, FreshDirect
Brian Bourke

Thinking beyond home delivery

  • Integrating marketing into your home delivery experience
  • Expanding outside the U.S using creative tech enabled software
  • Utilizing air as a domestic heavyweight option
Brian Bourke, Vice President of Marketing, SEKO Logistics

Speed Networking

Daniel Sokolovsky

Reserved for: Daniel Sokolovsky, CEO, AxleHire

Daniel Sokolovsky, CEO, AxleHire, Inc.
Jake Farrell

Strategic location-based trucks, leveraging partnerships and keeping customers at the forefront

  • Keeping a global view of inventory, fulfilment and transportation assets to maintain the “interconnected experience”
  • Implementing systems that enable ship-from-store to be delivered within a day 
  • Leveraging physical stores and working with necessary partners to keep up and exceed delivery expectations
  • Strategically positioning trucks to optimize routes based on locations
Jake Farrell, Sr. Manager - Delivery Experience, The Home Depot
Douglass Coppage, Senior Manager - Delivery Analytics, The Home Depot
Joe Bobko

An in-depth look into different carriers and how they can be leveraged

  • Understanding the differences between the way carriers operate and utilizing their strengths
  • Product safety - deciding when is a good time to seek a carrier that has an automated hub
  • Analyzing the number of days a week that a carrier delivers to reduce package dwells and enhance customer experience
  • Understanding changes that carriers make and how they impact your operations – not just the bottom line
Joe Bobko, Vice President of Transportation,
round tables


Business Intelligence - Best practices for monitoring parcel KPI’s
Aaron Guild

Aaron Guild, Strategic Solutions Manager, Green Mountain Technology

Debunking the last mile myth! – Analyzing and addressing the complexities of achieving a sustainable model
Tom Fiorita

Tom Fiorita, CEO, Point Pickup Technologies, Inc.

eCommerce & SNAP - How do you extend your offering to under-served communities
Luis Ferioli

Luis Ferioli, Vice President of Service Operations, Schwan’s Home Service Inc

eCommerce Distribution – How do you maintain cost efficiencies across your distribution networks?
Christine Pfleckl

Christine Pfleckl, Senior Director, Distribution and Logistics, Harry's

Hypergrowth, Scalability, and Disruption – the current state of eCommerce and home delivery
Scott Ruffin

Scott Ruffin, Chief Strategy Officer, JW Logistics

Online grocery shopping - Exploring opportunities that will help consumers embrace grocery eCommerce
Mario Fiorucci

Mario Fiorucci, CEO, The Healthy Butcher Inc

Redefining white glove – Navigating changing consumer requirements and expectations
Tom McIntyre

Tom McIntyre, Strategic Clients Director, SEKO Logistics

Regulation and logistics – Evaluating the regulatory landscape and its effects on the logistics industry
Shawn Swearingen

Shawn Swearingen, Executive Director, Clda

Savings on small parcel freight - What are the components to balancing your cost savings with customer experience?
Michael Villa

Michael Villa, Director of Operations, Brixton, LLC

Shipping decisions - Customer experience is critical to dictating shipping decisions
Dennis Nicoski

Dennis Nicoski, Director, Strategy and Contracts, United States Postal Service

Store-based fulfillment - Balancing cost, customer experience and operational concerns
Dan Byrne

Dan Byrne, VP, Business Development, USPack Logistics, LLC

The “true” cost of same-day delivery – Understanding the “cost drivers” of various same-day delivery models and how they relate to consumer value
Richard Palmer

Richard Palmer, VP Enterprise Accounts, TForce

Workforce efficiency – Hiring last mile delivery workforces at speed & scale
Nikhil Deshmukh

Nikhil Deshmukh, Lead Data Scientist, Fountain



Kacey Sharrett

Omnichannel fulfillment -Prioritizing, executing, and optimizing to compete in an ever-changing retail world

  • Understanding the components that need to be measured and optimized to evolve with consumer expectation
  • Taking stock and prioritizing omnichannel fulfillment initiatives
  • Analyzing keys to a successful omnichannel fulfillment strategy and implementation
Kacey Sharrett, Vice President, Digital Operations, Barnes & Noble
Panel discussion

Panel: What is the correct formula to ensure that your omnichannel is done right?

  • What does it take to successfully integrate stores with digital?
  • How can the physical store be leveraged to help ensure that omnichannel is done right?
  • Endless aisle solution: Understanding what it takes, what to avoid and how to make it a success
  • Exploring current trends and addressing future implications
Moderator: Mary Long, Managing Director, Institute of Supply Chain Management
Dave Hartenstein, Global Director of Omnichannel Operations, Michael Kors
Gordon Nugent, Regional Head of Consumer Omnichannel, HP Inc
Chuck Johnston, COO,


Panel discussion

Keynote: The evolution of meal kits – Expanding their reach into brick-and-mortar and broadening their eCommerce brand

  • Exploring the curatorial aspects of meal kits and how they have begun to extend from their culinary origins to encompass a brand identity
  • Expanding options and points of contact with customers—having meal kit versions in brick and mortar stores and other opportunities
  • Broadening the scope of the eCommerce brand by creating appropriate offerings for your customers
  • Capitalizing on brand identity and perpetuating brand loyalty
Moderator: Tim Lowe, President, Lowes Foods
Hadi Irvani, Founder, PeachDish
Sebastian Reichelt, Sr. Director of Personalization, HelloFresh
Benjamin Lee, Head of Supply Chain, SunBasket
Jeff Yorzyk, Director of Sustainability, Green Chef
Rick Bunnell

The Future of Fresh - Freshness maximized, waste minimized

  • How do you ensure the freshest, longest shelf-life product is available to the appropriate fulfillment channel?
  • Achieving a digital, smart, connected and predictable fresh supply chain that maximizes freshness, minimizes waste and optimizes profitability
  • Understanding why a transition from a linear supply chain to a digital supply network is a key enabler to a fresh future
  • Analyzing a real-world example of how a digital core powers a highly dynamic and agile supply chain to make real-time purchase, routing, and pricing decisions
Rick Bunnell, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Albertson’s Inc
Karl Deily, President, Food Care, Sealed Air Corporation
Bill Kammerer, Principal, Supply Chain, Deloitte
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Parcel, Thursday 19 April 2018





Bob Wolpert

Keynote: Avoid the blame game: how blockchain keeps your products on shelves

  • Provide complete supply chain transparency from the point of origin to the end customer
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative attributes for the products leveraging integrated Blockchain, IoT, and Cognitive technologies
  • Ensure the freshness and quality of the products AND be able to prove it
  • Automate business processes and reduce manual intervention
Bob Wolpert, Senior Corporate Vice President and President of Logistics Group, Golden State Foods Corp.
Paul Chang, Global Blockchain Industry Lead, Distribution & Industrial Markets, I.B.M.
Paul Clarke

Keynote: How Ocado is disrupting the future of online grocery retail and beyond

  • A close look into the world’s largest online grocery retailer and its vision for disruptive innovation
  • How has Ocado excelled and now become the most automated and sophisticated solution for online grocery retail in the world?
  • What is Ocado doing to leapfrog itself and build a revolutionary new e-commerce, fulfillment and logistics platform?
Paul Clarke, Chief Technology Officer, Ocado
Tamir Gotfried

Keynote: Discover the 7 steps to building state-of-the-art delivery operations

  • The best practices that can help you achieve logistical excellence across your delivery ecosystem
  • How to streamline your processes, improve operational efficiency and reduce related costs?
  • What methods can you use to provide full visibility and communicate effectively?
  • How to customize customer experiences in order to build long-term loyalty
Tamir Gotfried, General Manager, Americas, Bringg


Lee Hnetinka

How urban fulfillment centers will help enable an efficient distribution model for retailers

  • Utilizing an urban fulfillment center model to facilitate the movement of shipment through cities
  • From fulfillment centers to stocking locations – achieving efficiencies in the distribution
  • Evaluating the development of the darkstore model and analyzing case study examples
Lee Hnetinka, CEO, Darkstore
Scott Leveridge, President, TForce
Charlene Consolacion

Trunk delivery - How to use smart license plates to enable deliveries to be dropped off in the customers vehicle

Charlene Consolacion, Co-Founder and CEO, Phrame, Inc.
Jason Johnson

Fridge and in-home delivery - How to use smart locks, one-time access codes and security cameras to safely deliver groceries and parcel

Jason Johnson, Founder and CEO, August Home

Robot delivery - How to use delivery bots to deliver parcel and grocery quicker

Charlene Consolacion

Joint Q&A: How robots, in-home and in-vehicle technology is transforming last mile delivery

Charlene Consolacion, Co-Founder and CEO, Phrame, Inc.
Jason Johnson, Founder and CEO, August Home


Scott Wohlrab

Finding the right balance between distribution centers and appropriate carriers

  • What aspects are crucial to achieving efficient and on-demand delivery?
  • How do you find the “right” amount of distribution centers for your business?
  • Analyzing the factors that come into play when choosing an appropriate carrier
Scott Wohlrab, Senior Director of Fulfillment,
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