The most influential grocers will be gathering to address the ever-evolving landscape of grocery. Topics of discussion include how to provide a personalized and convenient experience to the eCommerce customer, make your eCommerce operations a profitable side of the business and achieve full visibility in the supply chain and all of its movements.


Scaling grocery delivery – Exploring emerging models and including flexible delivery and pickup options
Justin Sessink
Director, Digital Shopping
Providing a personalized and convenient eCommerce experience to the Albertsons customer
Jewel Hunt
GVP of eCommerce

Evaluating the possibilities of blockchain replacing EDI and understanding potential barriers
Jeff Dombrowski
R&D, Blockchain & Emerging Tech
Resource allocation and reduced picking times - Making your eCommerce operations a profitable side of the business
Lee Lambeth
Director of eCommerce
Utilizing people, process and technology appropriately to achieve full visibility in the supply chain and all of its movements
Todd Bernitt
VP of Managed Services
Grocery eCommerce 101 - Launching an eCommerce platform and scaling into last mile delivery
Matt Van Gilder
Senior Manager, eCommerce Operations
Recovering “damaged produce” and making them available for consumption
Evan Lutz
CEO & Co-Founder
Ben Chesler
Chief Innovation Officer,


Grocery, Thursday 4 April 2019



Nicholas Bertram

Pennsylvania’s ‘95-year old start up’ - How GIANT is leveraging its ‘customer-centric’ approach and partnerships to drive eCommerce growth

  • How GIANT is driving innovation and growth throughout Pennsylvania by connecting its customer channels
  • Establishing eCommerce hubs to satisfy a growing demand in online ordering and grocery delivery
  • Embedding courage as the chief value in order to drive innovation as the speed of consumer preference shifts
Roman Sobieri

The Etsy seller and the Etsy buyer – Providing a frictionless shipping experience across the board

  • Enabling sellers to make informed shipping decisions through advanced visibility and tracking tools
  • Maximizing buyers’ delivery experience by providing personalized offerings that cater to their needs
  • Leveraging communication and visibility tools to enable buyers and sellers to track shipments seamlessly across the delivery cycle

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Sylvain Perrier

The death of fractured shopper marketing – Taking a wholistic shopper marketing approach to achieve a truly effective digital grocery commerce

  • Taking an in-depth analysis on how to connect with consumers where they are and how to offer them choices in how they shop
  • Why online grocery is an important touchpoint for omnichannel marketers rather than a displacement of other revenue streams and traditional shopping channels
  • Exploring how supermarkets can use online grocery to grow order volume, increase basket size, boost overall shopper conversion and achieve greater customer lifetime value
Todd Bernitt

Utilizing people, process and technology appropriately to achieve full visibility in the supply chain and all of its movements

  • People – Ensuring your personnel know how each item should be sourced and managed to deliver freshest food possible to the consumer
  • Maintaining mode-neutrality to achieve lowest landed cost and a true end-to-end supply chain backed by industry leading processes
  • Utilizing technology to have full visibility of physical movement and data movement coupled with an analytics engine
  • Understanding the complexities of mastering: order management, order consolidation, inventory management and replenishment
Lee Lambeth

Resource allocation and reduced picking times – Making your eCommerce operation a profitable side of the business

  • How do you make zoning and multi-picking as cost effective as possible?
  • Metrics and labor – Leveraging your resources to reduce picking time and gain a better understanding of your workforce
  • Leveraging storage space and picking carts to fulfill orders in-store
round tables


Capacity constraints, rapidly changing technology and multiple levels of service - How is ecommerce impacting your “big and bulky” home delivery and what are you doing about it?
John Kacherski

John Kacherski, Chief Commercial Officer, Fidelitone

Carrier engagement - Understanding the differences between the way carriers operate and how we can utilize their strengths
Michael Villa

Michael Villa, Director Of Operations, Brixton, LLC

Creating density – What are the density challenges in neighborhoods such as Manhattan?
Eric Mautner

Eric Mautner, Chief Executive Officer, Need it Now Delivers

Employee driver vs independent contractor model – Evaluating cost and service complexities
Mike Turek

Mike Turek, Regional Vice President, TForce

Enterprise-grade mobile data collection – Replacing old and outdated systems and integrating enterprise-grade mobile data collection for your track, trace & analytics
John Albano

John Albano, Manager Software Sales, TachyonIQ

Government regulations and driver shortages – How can we work with our logistics providers to cope with regulation changes and cost increases?
Jason Hixenbaugh

Jason Hixenbaugh, Senior Director Of Supply Chain, Sears Hometown & Outlet

Grocery eCommerce – How can we expand our eCommerce offerings to cater to today’s consumer?
Luis Ferioli

Luis Ferioli, Vice President Of Service Operations, Schwan?s Home Service Inc

In-house vs outsourced last mile delivery - Evaluating the tradeoffs to build the right fulfillment strategy for the future
Khaled Naim

Khaled Naim, Chief Executive Officer, Onfleet

Last mile disruption - Reshaping the last mile with new technologies
Tamir Gotfried

Tamir Gotfried, General Manager, Americas, Bringg

Leveraging Analytics – Identifying and addressing improvement areas in the supply chain
Terry Emery

Terry Emery, Logistic Manager, Genesco

Mitigating Accessorial Costs - How to Manage Increasing Costs
Brian Wheeler

Brian Wheeler, Director, Enterprise Strategic Sourcing, McKesson

Natural gas trucks - Using natural gas for over-the-road trucking to reduce costs for shippers and carriers
Daniel Gage

Daniel Gage, President, N.G.V. America

Package and delivery transparency – How can we ensure full transparency for consumers and merchants?
Dennis Nicoski

Dennis Nicoski, A/Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Relations, United States Postal Service

The returns opportunity: Using returns to drive customer loyalty and engagement
Ericka Ponte

Ericka Ponte, Regional Director Of Operations, Gwynnie Bee

White glove expectations – Innovating your offerings to exceed consumer requirements
Tom Mcintyre

Tom Mcintyre, Senior Director, Global Solutions Sales; Vertical Market, SEKO Logistics



Justin Sessink

Scaling grocery delivery – Exploring emerging models and including flexible delivery and pickup options

  • A step by step analysis to scale grocery delivery across the entire enterprise
  • Exploring emerging models that drive costs down while keeping service levels up
  • Implementing delivery and pickup options such as curbside to support last mile flexibility
Kyle Fanning

Addressing the home delivery triple bottom line – How design and manufacturing capabilities help drive innovation for consumers, the environment and the bottom line

Daniel Sokolovsky

Using refrigerated trucks, refrigerated lockers and different packaging options to maintain freshness in your perishables and frozen foods

  • How do you balance customer convenience with time sensitive delivery of perishables and frozen foods?
  • Integrating different options like refrigerated trucks and refrigerated lockers to ensure your perishables and frozen products are delivered without damages
  • Reducing packaging cost and waste by appropriately evaluating different packaging options and complimenting it with refrigerated trucks


Brian Bourke

The death of supply chain as we know it – Ushering in an era of ‘demand chains’

  • Drifting away from the norm and building your supply chain around demand
  • How is the evolution of supply chain impacting retailers’ home delivery?
  • Analyzing case study examples of how the evolution of retail has ushered in a new era of supply chain

The StockX experience – Equipping the supply chain and ensuring consistent customer service globally

  • Consistency across the pond – How StockX is ensuring consistent and convenient experiences for its customers globally
  • Exploring last mile delivery technologies such as drones to balance efficiencies with customer service
  • Ensuring a strong and transparent supply chain to manage rapid growths in demand
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Grocery, Friday 5 April 2019


Breakfast & Registration


Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Darrell Edwards

Keynote: Ensuring that you have well-informed talent, lean processes and a resilient supply chain to be relevant for the next generation

  • Why talent is the only true differentiator and how your corporate strategy is the foundation for your supply chain
  • Maintaining lean processes and domestic manufacturing to seamlessly adopt new innovations and deliver to customers within a month
  • Supply chain sustainability – Evaluating the resiliency of your supply chain and what it takes to be relevant for the next generation
David Burton

Keynote: Nutrisystem’s channel and brand expansion – Maintaining a nimble supply chain and ensuring consistency across all channels

  • Expanding into new channels to reach a new segment of consumers and understanding all of the complexities that come with it
  • Selling through different channels and ensuring a consistent brand experience across multiple channels and preventing any significant channel conflict
  • Supply chain flexibility - Leveraging existing infrastructures to seamlessly add new brands and support the capacity and demands that they bring along
Tamir Gotfried

Keynote: The evolution of retail delivery: How to achieve logistical excellence

  • How the customer-centric shift is affecting last-mile delivery as we know it
  • Best practices on how to optimize and scale your delivery operations
  • Perfecting the customer experience while protecting your bottom line


Phil Harris

Using Blockchain ledgers and IoT as enablers to create a transparent and trusted food ecosystem

  • Traceability and certifications of dairy Products
  • “Food Browser” with transparency on origin, distribution, and quality characteristics of fresh produce
  • Smart contracts across multiple actors and continents for a food distribution chain
  • Expansion to include transparency and digitization of taste attributes
Ben Chesler

Recovering “damaged produce” and making them available for consumption

  • Recovering produce destined for landfill and making them accessible for consumers
  • What kinds of partnerships and acquisitions are key to solving the grocery last mile?
  • Analyzing sustainable packaging to reduce carbon footprint in the supply chain
Jewel Hunt

Providing a personalized and convenient eCommerce experience to the Albertsons customer

  • Understanding the importance of shoppers that are properly trained on product selection to ensure freshness and longest shelf life availability
  • Food integrity - Leveraging delivery fleet to deliver fresh, chilled and frozen products in temperature-controlled environments
  • White glove and grocery – Personalizing the delivery experience for customers by bringing orders straight to their homes and businesses


City logistics + urban delivery – Incorporating it into the entire transportation system
Curb space – Gathering meaningful data and rethinking curb space capacity
From port to final mile – Evaluating how port infrastructure, last mile pricing, tariffs and workforce play an integral role
International expansion – What does home delivery and returns mean to your customers outside the U.S?
Off the rails – What role can rail freight play for shipping speed and shipping costs?
Off-hour deliveries – How can we encourage receivers to collaborate and enroll in delivery programs?
Planning and allocation – How do you build out complete visibility of events during the transport of your inventory?
Returns and Technology - How can technology be leveraged to evolve your returns process?
Saturday delivery – Exploring a Saturday delivery strategy to offer maximum convenience and flexibility to your customers
Self-service delivery options - Improving customer experience through convenient and flexible delivery options
Urban logistics - What are the factors that are considered when choosing the right mode for delivery?


Matt Van Gilder

Grocery eCommerce 101 - Launching an eCommerce platform and scaling into last mile delivery

  • Implementing click and collect and adding delivery services to offer a full eCommerce experience
  • Evaluating important factors such as cost and personalization when testing last mile partnerships
  • Analyzing last mile data and comparing different models of delivery to ensure profitability
Ali Ahmed

The grocery store on wheels – Leveraging teleoperated vehicles, RFID and computer vision technology

  • Bringing the grocery store to your driveway with autonomous vehicles
  • Understanding the value of human controlled autonomous vehicles instead of an autonomous driving system
  • Leveraging RFID and Computer vision technology to monitor inventory and payments
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