The supermarket is now on your fingertips and at your doorstep.

The majority of the Home Delivery World team resides in New York City; a city full of consumers with hectic schedules, looking for time-saving, convenient solutions to everyday activities. This is an evolving trend in every metropolitan city across the United States. The grocery industry has not been blind to consumer needs, and has begun innovating. Major experts have joined the Home Delivery World speaker faculty to shine a light on the merging of the grocery and eCommerce worlds.



Chieh Huang at Home Delivery World

Chieh Huang 

Keynote: Delivering the warehouse club to your door – Technological and operational processes that help to transform the industry

Tim Lowe at Home Delivery World

Tim Lowe 
Lowe's Foods

Keynote: Rebuilding brick & mortar - Keeping up with omnichannel demand from consumers

Ashley Tyrner at Home Delivery World

Ashley Tyrner 
CEO & Founder
Farmbox Direct

Case study: How eCommerce can lead the charge in eradicating food deserts

Colin Matthews at Home Delivery World

Colin Matthews   
Manager, Online Operations
Giant Eagle

Case study: Establishing a successful click and collect operation when going omnichannel

Chris Bryson at Home Delivery World

Chris Bryson  

Panel: The future of the shopping experience, 5 years out

Benjamin Chesler at Home Delivery World

Benjamin Chesler  
Co-Founder and CEO
Imperfect Produce

Case study: Reducing waste - Imperfect Produce and the ugly food revolution


Kevin Kidd at Home Delivery World

Kevin Kidd
Director of Product

Case study: Achieving operational excellence - Shaping customer experience that builds loyalty

Jeff Yorzyk at Home Delivery World

Jeff Yorzyk
Director, Sustainability
Green Chef

Panel: Green packaging - What to use and how to get consumer backing

Milena Glimbovski at Home Delivery World

Milena Glimbovski
Original Unverpackt

Case study: Grocery sustainability - From farm to table

Brian Pomerleau at Home Delivery World

Brian Pomerleau   
VP, Operations
Bristol Seafood

Case study: From source to consumer - Tracking seafood through every stop in the supply chain

Andy Lockhart at Home Delivery World

Andy Lockhart   
Integrated Systems Manager
TGW Systems

Case study: Scaling click and collect beyond the store

Bill Bishop at Home Delivery World

Bill Bishop
Chief Architech
Brick Meets Click

Keynote: Gaining customer confidence - Combating concerns over quality, speed, choice, and ease 


**Speakers and topics subject to change. For most up to date program, visit our agenda page .



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