Retailers, grocers and logistics providers will gather to discuss how data and analytics is best leveraged to drive meaningful decisions in their supply chain and fulfillment operations. Topics of discussion include understanding the importance of data and analytical tools in merchandising and allocation, leveraging data in the supply chain and how analytics play a role in omnichannel fulfillment.

Leveraging data in the HelloFresh supply chain

Adam Kalikow
Director, Supply Chain Planning & Analytics
Understanding the importance of data and analytical tools for your merchandising decisions
Matt Halulko
Director of Transportation Operations

Enabling store fulfillment with store associates and analytics

Marc Chretien
Senior Director of Ecommerce Operations
Leveraging data and analytics to transform your planning, allocation and shipping processes
Walid Laaraba
Director eCommerce, Digital, & Analytics

‘On-the-way’ delivery The difference is in the data

Marc Gorlin
Founder and CEO
Cybersecurity - Thinking beyond compliance and developing a riskbased approach to security
Tyson A. Martin
Chief Information Security Officer
Blockchain in the last mile - Streamlining the experience for shippers, couriers and package recipient
Oren Gampel


Data & Analytics, Thursday 4 April 2019



Jennifer Bartaschus

Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Matt Simon

KEYNOTE: Pennsylvania’s ‘95-year old start up’ - How GIANT is leveraging its ‘customer-centric’ approach and partnerships to drive eCommerce growth

  • How GIANT is driving innovation and growth throughout Pennsylvania by connecting its customer channels
  • Establishing eCommerce hubs to satisfy a growing demand in online ordering and grocery delivery
  • Embedding courage as the chief value in order to drive innovation as the speed of consumer preference shifts
Roman Sobieri

KEYNOTE: The Etsy seller and the Etsy buyer – Providing a frictionless shipping experience across the board

  • Enabling sellers to make informed shipping decisions through advanced visibility and tracking tools
  • Maximizing buyers’ delivery experience by providing personalized offerings that cater to their needs
  • Leveraging communication and visibility tools to enable buyers and sellers to track shipments seamlessly across the delivery cycle


Marc Gorlin
Data & Analytics

‘On-the-way’ delivery: The difference is in the data

  • How a “just in time” logistics infrastructure delivers the same reliability and speed as a fixed-cost, asset-based model
  • How on-the-way uniquely flexes to address demand volatility, particularly during peak season
  • The science of predicting and utilizing excess capacity from existing resources
Eric Mundschenk
Data & Analytics

Geographic expansion – Evaluating its impact on the supply chain and how data helps

  • Taking a proactive approach when expanding your geographic footprint to maintain a low-cost model
  • Understanding the demand in different markets to create a last mile solution that contains cost
  • Leveraging forecast and demand data to analyze your target market
Karan Gandhi
Data & Analytics

Understanding the channels you are working in and implementing technologies that match with shopper expectations

  • Understanding eCommerce and implementing innovations that are sustainable and flexible to change
  • How do you ensure that the technology you are investing in is effective and matches with shopper expectations?
  • Implementing meaningful technologies such as bots in the warehouse that enable real-time changes in the warehouse
round tables


Capacity constraints, rapidly changing technology and multiple levels of service - How is ecommerce impacting your “big and bulky” home delivery and what are you doing about it?
John Kacherski

John Kacherski, Chief Commercial Officer, Fidelitone

Carrier engagement - Understanding the differences between the way carriers operate and how we can utilize their strengths
Tom Fiorita

Tom Fiorita, Chief Executive Officer, Point Pickup Technologies Inc

Creating density – What are the density challenges in neighborhoods such as Manhattan?
Eric Mautner

Eric Mautner, Chief Executive Officer, Need it Now Delivers

Employee driver vs independent contractor model – Evaluating cost and service complexities
Mike Turek

Mike Turek, Regional Vice President, TForce

Enterprise-grade mobile data collection – Replacing old and outdated systems and integrating enterprise-grade mobile data collection for your track, trace & analytics
John Albano

John Albano, Manager Software Sales, TachyonIQ

Grocery eCommerce – How can we expand our eCommerce offerings to cater to today’s consumer?
Jerry Abbott

Jerry Abbott, CEO, eGrowcery

In-house vs outsourced last mile delivery - Evaluating the tradeoffs to build the right fulfillment strategy for the future
Khaled Naim

Khaled Naim, Chief Executive Officer, Onfleet

Last mile disruption - Reshaping the last mile with new technologies
Benjamin Flammang

Benjamin Flammang, VP Strategic Enterprise Sales NA, Bringg

Leveraging Analytics – Identifying and addressing improvement areas in the supply chain
Hannah Testani

Hannah Testani, Chief Operating Officer, Intelligent Audit

Logistics and regulation – What are the most important factors that cities, carriers and retailers need to consider?
John Holub

John Holub, President, New Jersey Retail Merchants Association

Mitigating Accessorial Costs - How to Manage Increasing Costs
Rick Miller

Rick Miller, Director Of Strategic Solutions, Green Mountain Technology

Package and delivery transparency – How can we ensure full transparency for consumers and merchants?
James McNally

James McNally, Director, Operations Integration, United States Postal Service

The returns opportunity: Using returns to drive customer loyalty and engagement
Jordan Jakubovitz

Jordan Jakubovitz, Director of Product Marketing, Optoro

White glove expectations – Innovating your offerings to exceed consumer requirements
Tom Mcintyre

Tom Mcintyre, Senior Director – LTL Home Delivery Solutions, SEKO Logistics



Adam Kalikow
Data & Analytics

Achieving supply chain efficiency through data at HelloFresh

  • The challenge and opportunity present in the meal kit business model
  • An integrated view of supply chain efficiency driven by data
  • Practical applications of data within the meal kit supply chain
  • Building the data capabilities and culture within the supply chain/operations team to unlock future value
Marc Chretien
Data & Analytics

Enabling store fulfillment with store associates and analytics

  • Speed to customer - Leveraging brick-and-mortar to achieve a successful trade-off between processing time and travel time
  • Leveraging advanced analytics to optimize inventory location, quality and safety thresholds
  • Acknowledging store associates as massive assets for scalability, data-capture and experience
Geoffrey Mcfarlane
Data & Analytics

Leveraging data on the customer to create the brands of tomorrow

  • What role does customer data play for your products and your customer experience?
  • Utilizing customer data to create brands and products that customers want
  • Using Data from Home Delivery to Improve the customer experience distribution


Brian Bourke

The death of supply chain as we know it – Ushering in an era of ‘demand chains’

  • Drifting away from the norm and building your supply chain around demand
  • How is the evolution of supply chain impacting retailers’ home delivery?
  • Analyzing case study examples of how the evolution of retail has ushered in a new era of supply chain

The StockX experience – Equipping the supply chain and ensuring consistent customer service globally

  • Consistency across the pond – How StockX is ensuring consistent and convenient experiences for its customers globally
  • Exploring last mile delivery technologies such as drones to balance efficiencies with customer service
  • Ensuring a strong and transparent supply chain to manage rapid growths in demand
last published: 21/Mar/19 19:15

Data & Analytics, Friday 5 April 2019



Darrell Edwards

KEYNOTE: Ensuring that you have well-informed talent, lean processes and a resilient supply chain to be relevant for the next generation

  • Why talent is the only true differentiator and how your corporate strategy is the foundation for your supply chain
  • Maintaining lean processes and domestic manufacturing to seamlessly adopt new innovations and deliver to customers within a month
  • Supply chain sustainability – Evaluating the resiliency of your supply chain and what it takes to be relevant for the next generation
David Burton

KEYNOTE: Nutrisystem’s channel and brand expansion – Maintaining a nimble supply chain and ensuring consistency across all channels

  • Expanding into new channels to reach a new segment of consumers and understanding all of the complexities that come with it
  • Selling through different channels and ensuring a consistent brand experience across multiple channels and preventing any significant channel conflict
  • Supply chain flexibility - Leveraging existing infrastructures to seamlessly add new brands and support the capacity and demands that they bring along
Guy Bloch

KEYNOTE: Delivery in the Age of Amazon

  • Choosing the delivery model that is right for your organization
  • Optimizing delivery flows to deliver ideal customer experiences
  • Selecting the technologies you need to ensure positive ROI
  • Ensuring visibility and control over third-party delivery providers


Kenneth Cassar
Data & Analytics

How warehouse turnaround and nimble delivery options play a role in addressing consumer expectations on shipping speed and shipping price

  • Analyzing consumer expectations on shipping speed and shipping pricing across several categories and how it's evolving over time
  • Exploring the role that shipping speed and shipping price have on market share across several categories
  • Maintaining faster warehouse turnaround and implementing nimble delivery options such as store-based delivery
Nicolas Burquier
Data & Analytics

Transitioning from ‘dine-in’ to delivery - Transforming your processes to ensure consistent delivery overtime

  • Ensuring that nimble processes, systems and tools are in place to support a world where delivery is the prominent channel of distribution
  • Evaluating technologies such as driverless vehicles and automated voice recognition as enablers that drive customer experience
  • Leveraging access to data to maintain visibility of every aspect of the delivery piece and identify value creations
  • Equipping team members and drivers with efficient tools that optimizes their experiences and trickles down to the consumer
Data & Analytics

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round tables


Big Data in supply chain - How can Big Data reduce supply chain inefficiencies and mitigate additional costs?
Hannah Testani

Hannah Testani, Chief Operating Officer, Intelligent Audit

City logistics + urban delivery – Incorporating it into the entire transportation system
Akiko Yamagami

Akiko Yamagami, Manager, Transportation Planning, Goods Movement, LA Metro

Delivery Fleets - What are the factors that are considered when choosing the right mode for delivery?
Shelby Mcmahon

Shelby Mcmahon, Director Of Fleet, The Home Depot

From port to final mile – Evaluating how port infrastructure, last mile pricing, tariffs and workforce play an integral role
Tony Mcgee

Tony Mcgee, Chief Executive Officer, HNM Global Logistics

International expansion – What does home delivery and returns mean to your customers outside the U.S?
Brian Bourke

Brian Bourke, Vice President Of Marketing, SEKO Logistics

Off the rails – What role can rail freight play for shipping speed and shipping costs?
Jonathan Broder

Jonathan Broder, Chief Legal Officer, Conrail

Off-hour deliveries – How can we encourage receivers to collaborate and enroll in delivery programs?
Cara Wang

Cara Wang, Associate Professor, Civil And Environmental Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Planning and allocation – How do you build out complete visibility of events during the transport of your inventory?
Aparajita Sharma

Aparajita Sharma, Senior Buyer, Marks Inc

Returns and Technology - How can technology be leveraged to evolve your returns process?
James McNally

James McNally, Director, Operations Integration, United States Postal Service

Saturday delivery – Exploring a Saturday delivery strategy to offer maximum convenience and flexibility to your customers
Katie Parker

Katie Parker, Director of Strategic Solutions, Green Mountain Technology

Self-service delivery options - Improving customer experience through convenient and flexible delivery options
Chris Richter

Chris Richter, Vice President Revenue, Convey



Tyson Martin
Data & Analytics

Cybersecurity – Thinking beyond compliance and developing a risk-based approach to security

  • Understanding the benefits of taking a risk-based approach to security
  • Analyzing recent data breaches and lessons that can be learned from them
  • Understanding key components when considering an appropriate technology solution provider
Data & Analytics

How delivery partners play a critical role when analyzing your shipments

  • Evaluating providers and solutions that will provide the most visibility into operations and the end consumer
  • Collaborating with your delivery partners to leverage their data and gain more visibility on your shipments
  • Ensuring that your customer service team is aligned with your last mile providers to maintain consistency with the end consumer
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