Logistics executives, transportation professionals and urban planners will gather to address continued growth in eCommerce, connected devices and congestion in dense urban areas. Topics of discussion include understanding how to deliver in multi-unit buildings, integrating real-time data to better manage the curbside and reducing emissions with electric trucks.



City logistics, uberization and green initiatives - What does the future hold?
Lee Spratt
CEO, Americas
Off the ground and into the air - Facilitating the movement of high volume inventory and goods
Logan Jones
Managing Director
Delivery density, private fleet and mode selection - How congestion and costs can be minimized
Shelby McMahon
Director of Fleet
Alternative delivery locations and non-exclusive sites - Keeping the end-user at the forefront
Loren Vandenberghe
Director of Transportation
Leveraging technology and design in cities to foster a better transportation experience
Tom Madrecki
Director, Urban Innovation and Policy


City Freight Show USA 2019, Thursday 4 April 2019


Breakfast and Registration

Nicholas Bertram

Pennsylvania’s ‘95-year old start up’ - How GIANT is leveraging its ‘customer-centric’ approach and partnerships to drive eCommerce growth

  • How GIANT is driving innovation and growth throughout Pennsylvania by connecting its customer channels
  • Establishing eCommerce hubs to satisfy a growing demand in online ordering and grocery delivery
  • Embedding courage as the chief value in order to drive innovation as the speed of consumer preference shifts
Roman Sobieri

The Etsy seller and the Etsy buyer – Providing a frictionless shipping experience across the board

  • Enabling sellers to make informed shipping decisions through advanced visibility and tracking tools
  • Maximizing buyers’ delivery experience by providing personalized offerings that cater to their needs
  • Leveraging communication and visibility tools to enable buyers and sellers to track shipments seamlessly across the delivery cycle

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Lee Spratt
City Freight Show USA 2019

City logistics, uberization and green initiatives – What does the future hold?

  • Offering shortened delivery windows and how congestion dictates it
  • Green initiatives – Exploring alternative drive technologies such as electric vehicles and trikes
  • Analyzing the potentials of on-demand/uberization to disrupt the goods movement system
Logan Jones
City Freight Show USA 2019

Off the ground and into the air – Facilitating the movement of high volume inventory and goods

  • Combating infrastructure constraints and economic complexities with experimentation and technology maturation
  • Moving into aerospace - How retailers can manage high volumes of inventory and how logistics companies can connect their ports to distribution centers
  • Social acceptance and noise pollution – Addressing key barriers to aerospace and aviation
Loren Vandenberghe
City Freight Show USA 2019

Alternative delivery locations and non-exclusive sites – Keeping the end-user at the forefront

  • Alternative delivery locations – How can we better manage the use of local sites?
  • Non-exclusivity – Analyzing the profound impact that site consolidation can have on delivery trips and the curb space
  • Exploring unique approaches to delivering in multi-unit buildings




Tom Madrecki
City Freight Show USA 2019

Leveraging technology and design in cities to foster a better transportation experience

  • Fostering a better transportation experience by integrating real-time data and tech into urban design and planning processes
  • Leveraging technology to better manage cities and the curbside
  • Achieving walkable, bike-able and more sustainable cities by viewing the transportation network as one system
  • Electric vehicles – Analyzing real world examples of alternative delivery technologies such as e-trikes.
Steve Burns
City Freight Show USA 2019

Utilizing purpose-driven modes of delivery that will address factors such as delivery density and mileage while remaining environment-friendly

  • Leveraging purpose-driven trucks that address numerous delivery factors such as density, mileage, package size and routes
  • Truck size – Evaluating cubic feet and package space to cater to the needs of specific deliveries
  • Sustainability – Implementing zero pollution vehicles in your routes to shift away from diesel trucks
Shelby McMahon
City Freight Show USA 2019

Delivery density, private fleet and mode selection – How congestion and costs can be minimized

  • Effective fleet management - Evaluating delivery densities in different cities and utilizing private fleet where it is most effective
  • Minimizing congestion - Deploying fleets in areas where on-road time is shortened by multiple stops in one area
  • Mode selections – What are the factors that are considered when choosing the right mode for delivery?


Brian Bourke

The death of supply chain as we know it – Ushering in an era of ‘demand chains’

  • Drifting away from the norm and building your supply chain around demand
  • How is the evolution of supply chain impacting retailers’ home delivery?
  • Analyzing case study examples of how the evolution of retail has ushered in a new era of supply chain
Eric Lewis

Peer to peer interview – Same-day delivery – Efficiently executing it in metro areas and offering the customer flexibility and visibility for their heavy goods delivery

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City Freight Show USA 2019, Friday 5 April 2019


Breakfast & Registration


Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Darrell Edwards

Keynote: Ensuring that you have well-informed talent, lean processes and a resilient supply chain to be relevant for the next generation

  • Why talent is the only true differentiator and how your corporate strategy is the foundation for your supply chain
  • Maintaining lean processes and domestic manufacturing to seamlessly adopt new innovations and deliver to customers within a month
  • Supply chain sustainability – Evaluating the resiliency of your supply chain and what it takes to be relevant for the next generation
David Burton

Keynote: Nutrisystem’s channel and brand expansion – Maintaining a nimble supply chain and ensuring consistency across all channels

  • Expanding into new channels to reach a new segment of consumers and understanding all of the complexities that come with it
  • Selling through different channels and ensuring a consistent brand experience across multiple channels and preventing any significant channel conflict
  • Supply chain flexibility - Leveraging existing infrastructures to seamlessly add new brands and support the capacity and demands that they bring along
David Burton, EVP of Operations & Retail, Nutrisystem
Tamir Gotfried

Keynote: The evolution of retail delivery: How to achieve logistical excellence

  • How the customer-centric shift is affecting last-mile delivery as we know it
  • Best practices on how to optimize and scale your delivery operations
  • Perfecting the customer experience while protecting your bottom line


Jim Mikrut
City Freight Show USA 2019

Effective planning – Working with your delivery agents to effectively plan for delivery hurdles

  • Arming your delivery agents with intelligence to effectively plan for upcoming volume spikes
  • Utilizing communication pathways to evaluate potential hurdles before arriving to the customers home
  • Remaining heavily engaged with owner operators and viewing them as a partner instead of a provider
Scott Friesen
City Freight Show USA 2019

Blockchain in transportation – Ushering in the future

  • Blockchain technology – Analyzing its role and how it will revolutionize trucking and logistics
  • Spearheading the development of blockchain standards and education for the freight industry
  • Exploring necessary resources and action points to extract the full potentials of blockchain technology
Scott Leveridge
City Freight Show USA 2019

How urban fulfillment centers will help enable an efficient model for goods movement

  • Utilizing an urban fulfillment center model to facilitate the movement of shipment through cities
  • From fulfillment centers to stocking locations – achieving efficiencies in the distribution
  • Evaluating the development of the urban fulfillment model and analyzing case study examples




Mark de La Vergne
City Freight Show USA 2019

Integrating innovative technologies to transform Detroit into a national model for mobility

  • Leveraging smart city technologies and IoT to enhance existing city infrastructure
  • Deploying technologies such as vehicle-to-infrastructure communication networks to improve traffic flow
  • Collaborating with mobility service providers and city residents to conduct efficient pilot projects
Kris Carter
City Freight Show USA 2019

Ushering in the future of city mobility through vendor collaboration, truck safety technology and surfacing data

  • Parking data – Collaborating with stakeholders that can help collect and surface data efficiently
  • Safety and reliability – Incentivizing companies to apply truck safety technologies such as sideguards and ADAS systems
  • City influence – Demonstrating a clear set of values and a vision to seed better collaboration with private partners
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