The Story Behind Home Delivery World Europe


Home delivery is an integral part of the customer experience, and it is imperative for retailers, ecommerce brands and their chosen delivery partners to ensure that this part of the shopping experience leads to continued customer loyalty, and isn’t letting the rest of their operations down.

Customers are becoming increasingly more demanding when it comes to shorter delivery windows, ease of returns and convenience of choice of delivery locations, but how can their expectations be met, whilst keeping efficiency high and costs down?

Smooth operations in the all-important last mile delivery calls for streamlined warehousing, optimised fleet management, and efficient operations throughout the supply chain, which can be achieved by taking advantage of new technologies and the right strategic partnerships.

Home Delivery World Europe brings the whole value chain together, to provide a forum where current and future challenges and opportunities will be discussed, solutions found and disruptive technologies showcased.

If you have a solution that will improve B2C delivery operations, this is the event for you, where you can meet prospective customers and partners, and drive your market share.